What do you know after you have a child?

The baby is the crystallization of love, and it is a gift from God to a family, but in order to get this gift, mothers have to be difficult."Stretch marks", "body shape", "one night old", "wound difficult", "postpartum depression" … These words are not accidental events, but things that most mothers will experience.After giving birth to a child, I just had an extra mother’s identity, but life seemed to be not my own.Do you have these confusion?

Qing Xiaozhu: I think the process of production is the most painful, wrong!And feeding.When I think the nipple rupture is the most painful, wrong!There are mastitis.When I think mastitis is the most painful, wrong!There is also the nipple rupture when mastitis.Three or four times back and forth, when I was breastfeeding, I was afraid of how to scare my baby.

Every mother has seen a ceiling at 2.4.6 points.If you want to change your body, ugliness will definitely be ugly, but it is still missing. Long -term lack of consciousness inevitably leads to emotional instability, anxiety, and decreased resistance.Mourning, sleepy, tired and lost.

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Li Lingpei: Only when he is pregnant by himself, can you know that the pregnancy vomiting is so uncomfortable. It turned out that the child would not sleep before half a year old. It turned out that the kindergarten would not be able to wake up naturally.In the next half of his life, you have to worry about your children and work hard for the child.

I don’t know if the original breastfeeding is so painful, I will droop it.The stomach is loose, the bottom of the pot is weak, and you cannot exercise vigorously, otherwise the uterus will be prolapsed.

My time becomes very little. I work during the day. I have to play with my children after returning home at night. It is already about 10 o’clock to take the child to sleep. If you want to read a book or exercise, you must work hard.Because today is exhausted.

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Meizi: After giving birth, he is weak, but he has to take care of the child without the night without night.Drink the milk soup.The nipples have to be fed. When the baby sucks, the pain of drilling is no less than the pain of having children.

The mother’s time is split. If you want to take care of the baby, there is no complete rest time.

During the first time when the baby was born, you seem to be integrated with your baby, and there is no one at all.One day, when you finally paid attention to yourself and found that you are no longer your original self.

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Anonymous user: After giving birth to a child, most of the time I regret why I get married so early?Why do children so early?Maybe the child is given to the mother. It has nothing to do with his father. Just just now, the child was crying in trouble. I have been holding the child for half an hour to sleep, and they are sitting in front of the computer.Other people’s children!No matter what!I looked at the child by myself. When I cook, holding the child with one hand and cooking, they lay on the sofa, lying on the bed to play with mobile phones, and never picked it on the ground!Looking at the child now, he can’t go to work, he is still big every day!It’s not enough to earn enough!

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Echo Wang: My husband really can’t expect, everything depends on himself.

When I was confinement, my mother -in -law and husband were there, saying that two people took care of me, but more than 90%of the time was in the room with my children alone.Essence

The latter practice even shows that her husband can’t expect it. He will only play games when he comes back. He wants to play him.

Angels: When you endure your body in October, you have given birth to the baby with psychological pain. The husband’s concern for the child is more concerned than your care. The mother -in -law tells you that there is a second child because of the sex of the child.Being a demon, to endure the neglect of her husband, how can you be disappointed in the face of your husband who can’t maintain your husband and daughter -in -law?

Feed dayless day and night, change diapers, coax children. The bright girl in the past has disappeared, and she became a housewife with a unkempt. Because of the spirit of lack of sleep for a long time, I was already tired. How I hope to be you as youHusband, the child and his dad can share it at this time.[The fact is that I am very busy, I have to go to work too, no time to control the baby].

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Ma Jin Jennifer: As a sleeping person, I can’t imagine that I can not sleep for a long time.I have been a full -time mother for 4 years, my children are brought by myself. Basically, I do n’t just sleep for two or three hours late, up to 3 or 4 hours.Tired feeling.I remember having a fight with my husband once. When my emotions were out of control, I told him: "You try not to sleep, do you see your emotions normal?" The impact of lack of sleep has a great impact on people.But I still survived.

Postpartum nursingian Sandy: After giving birth to a child, sleeping is simply a luxury!The child is still young, and you have to feed the milk once every few hours, and the sleep is uncomfortable. It is easy to wake up. When you wake up, you must hold it. When you put it down, you will cry …Tiring than the baby before the baby.However, it is amazing that after getting used to it, the mother can often practice a ability: immediately wake up the second before the baby wakes up, and hugged the diapers skillfully …

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No longer let you be alone: I can’t help crying when I hear the first cry of my child’s birth. I will rely on me to protect me in the future. Suddenly, I feel like my mother is just.

Such a clown baby, red, black and yellow, but he is so small, his hands and toes are so cute, and he will yawn. My God, I fell in love with this little thing.Seeing his mouth, frowning, every small expression made me happy. When this little thing nests in her arms, it is even more protected and the motherly love is flooded.

With you, I feel that life is really beautiful, and life is a miracle.

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Pippi: I can do so many people alone, I can be so patient, I can give up so much for this little cub.My mother loves me more than I know, so I also love this little cub.No matter what unhappy and sad things, seeing this little cub happily and happiness, it is better.But for her mother, she is really a child who never wants to grow up!Sometimes sometimes, I have regretted it occasionally!

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He Xiaotian: Tie Shi can’t resist the cuteness of the baby.When I was pregnant, I made many times of determination, and I would never take the "mother" as the most important label, and I would never let myself turn around the child.Three months before the child, I did not realize the surging and overwhelming motherly love. After the child was forced to live a war, I paid my parents’ compensation.With a trace of feelings.But in the early morning of one day, the little fart woke up in the morning and looked at me and smiled, and the eyes of the smile could not be seen.So I started to fall, and I couldn’t help but want to do more for this smiley face and think more.

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Everyday Lan: My mother and my mother -in -law used to say that they would bring me a baby. Both of them had time to take care of me to spend that money and ask Yue Xun to do it, but my husband and I insisted on asking Yueyu.At the beginning, the two moms picked the fault of Yueyue in front of me every day, this.During this period, I took a two -day vacation, so that my family tried to take care of it to see what problems were.

I invite Yuexun to have a breast milk instructor’s certificate. The theory is very scientific and advanced. It is recommended that Yuezhang better be guided or breast milk guidance. There are really many milk and breast problems during confinement.

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Anonymous user: I personally think that when conditions permit, choosing a "reliable" confinement center is still worth it.

For example, during my confinement, my room had one -to -one monthly 嫂, and I was only responsible for taking care of me and bringing children for 24 hours.It can be said that the meals of me during my confinement were responsible for the cafeteria, the health was responsible for cleaning, the body was responsible for the doctor and nurse, the breasts were responsible for the dairyist, and the postpartum teacher was responsible for the recovery of the postpartum.

During the whole confinement, I didn’t even change the urine. I was really okay except feeding.Every day life is to sleep, take the sun, chat, take pictures of the baby, and discuss the experience of advice with Yueyu.My friend felt that the confinement was not sleeping enough, and I had enough sleep to insomnia.

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Bo Shi Light: After giving birth to a child, I thought everything was good.No one tells me that the correct way to feed is also important, and confinement is more important.I met a big mother -in -law in the confinement, so that my mood was depressed and accumulated, and mastitis had a fever of 39.6 degrees. I wanted to go to the hospital. She said that the hospital was off work. The next day I was going to the hospital.I went to the private clinic near the community. I did not find the cause, and prescribed some antipyretics. I missed the best treatment time.The child ate 35 days milk and weaned.

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Changan: Some confinement diseases are tired when confinement.I have never taken a child in confinement, although my family is poor.My mother -in -law said that confinement could not be tired, and then helped me bring children, cooking and washing clothes. I didn’t have a snack.The baby’s feeding at night is not wet, and my mother -in -law is brought, and I am responsible for rest and tease the baby to play.

Although it was painless, there were some problems that did not have headaches, back pain, and bad mental.

I didn’t get much fat when I was pregnant.When the confinement went to check, everyone said that I had a good raising, and the flesh on both sides of the face was rosy.

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After reading so many mothers, everyone should have a more comprehensive understanding of having children.It is very happy to welcome a new family member, but the price paid by mothers for this is too high. They need to take care of them, whether they are psychological or physiological.The most contradictory during confinement is the differences between family members and the division of labor of the baby.Here Ren Sheng Children advise you novice parents can consider the professional confinement center.

For the mother who has just given birth to a child, the most needed is an environment that can be relieved.Moms want to look at the baby at all times, but don’t want to sleep with peace of mind for 24 hours.The Ren Shengzi Center opened the Nursing Department, the Ministry of Industry and Cardon, and the Ministry of Nutrition.

The Nursing Department takes care of the baby 24 hours a day, and all kinds of early education and perception training allows mothers to rest assured to rest;The conditioning of the part to ensure that the mother’s postpartum repair and conditioning should be proper and effective.The Ministry of Nutrition will conduct health dynamic information monitoring and evaluation, and formulate confinement meals based on the personal situation of mothers. High -end stew and confinement water deployment will ensure that each mother eats well, sleep well, and recover quickly.

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