What do you need to pay attention to in different gestational weeks?At 9 o’clock, the baby is born smoothly!

Wen 丨 Jingma said, original content.

Pregnancy is like Tang Seng Xitian’s scriptures. If you want to obtain the real scriptures, you have to go through the "1981 Difficulty."The same is true of pregnancy, but different pregnancy periods are different.

In addition to the early pregnancy reaction, the most tangled is the safety of the baby’s baby. Worried about the fetal stop. In fact, as long as the embryo itself is high -quality, you don’t need to worry about these.After the strong guarantee, the chance of "problem" is also very high after the baby is born, so that the child’s sins and parents’ sins will affect the happiness of the entire family.

1. Gurogene, HCG, fetal heart buds

As soon as I was pregnant, the expectant mother was very happy but nervous. I was worried that ectopic pregnancy, progesterone was not high, HCG was not good, and there was no fetal heart buds. In fact, nervous and anxiety was useless.Well, don’t worry too much without abdominal pain and bleeding.

2. Early pregnancy reaction

Some women’s early pregnancy reactions will be very serious. Not only are disgusting pregnancy, but also dizziness and headache. The stomach is uncomfortable, drowsiness, fatigue, and poor appetite.

PS: There is an early pregnancy reaction, and it is not necessarily a bad thing. It can indirectly explain that the fetus is developing very well. Do not have too much burden. You can eat less meals, light and digestion, and take as much rest as possible to avoid tiredness.

3. File files

Another important thing in the early pregnancy is to build files. Some hospitals with tight beds. It is best to consult in advance what information is required. Prepare information in advance, and build files as soon as possible after pregnancy.

When entering the second trimester, the fetus will develop faster, but as the belly becomes larger, there will be more and more places where expectant mothers are uncomfortable. In addition, the most important thing in the middle of pregnancy is to do a good job on time on time.

1. Examination in the middle of pregnancy

Including NT, Tang sieve, osmotic, sugar, etc., the most important tests during pregnancy are almost done in the second trimester. Every time you check it, you can pass it smoothly. You cannot pass it smoothly.

2. Disoplaysly symptoms of chest development, chest bloating; back pain, sciatica; frequent urination, constipation, even hemorrhoids, vaginal discharge increase; itching of skin, long stretch marks, edema; sleeping less and less sleeping; quasi -mothers lack calcium in calciumIt may also be cramps, iron deficiency may be anemia, and may also have thyroid problems.

3. Nutrition and health care in the middle of pregnancy

In the middle period, the fetal development will accelerate, so the nutrition of the expectant mothers must keep up, but it is just right.

In addition to the balanced nutrition, sleep is as sufficient as possible, and the exercise of half an hour every day should be maintained as much as possible, and proper prenatal education should be maintained. These are important for the development of the fetus.

In the third trimester, with the appearance of false contractions, the baby may give birth at any time. The expectant mothers should prepare in advance to welcome the baby’s birth.

1. Increase in the third trimester

The examination of the third trimester is from one/month-> once/half a month-> once/week, mainly to check the fetal development and fetal heart monitoring. It can be seen from the frequency of examination.Every time a check -up, you can communicate with the doctor in a timely manner.

2. In the third trimester, the symptoms of discomfort, the more and more prospective mothers of the stomach become inconvenient, and the impact on sleep is greater. Constipation, edema, stretch marks, and sciatica may also increase; there are also important things that the important thing is that the important thing is that it is also important.At this stage, pseudo -contractions are becoming more and more frequent, and the stomach will be tight and hard, but don’t worry. Most of them just rest for a while; near the full moon, you may give birth at any time, and it is best to accompany you at any time.

3. Pre -delivery anxiety

The closer to the date when the due date, the more nervous the expectant mothers want to meet with the baby quickly, but they are afraid to face childbirth, so they may be nervous and anxious.

In response to this situation, you can: listen to more pregnancy lessons, read more books to learn about gestational knowledge, chat with family and friends, practice childbirth in advance, prepare for the birth pack, etc., which will help relieve pre -delivery anxiety.

Jingma said: It is very hard to get pregnant, but when she feels very happy, she feels the baby’s fetal movement. She knows that the baby is very good in the stomach, and it is worth it.Specific mothers can learn more during pregnancy. When they encounter a small difficulty, they can face more calmly.Finally, I wish the mothers all the best during pregnancy, give birth to the moon, have a good delivery, and have no tear and side cuts!

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