What do you solve your dreams and solve

Tonghai Jiedu was hated by the people of Yang’s surname, and he was often worn. Later, he simply fled Tonghai.On the road, Duan Siping picked a walnut and cut it. There was a vague word "Qingxian". He opened the words "Qing" in December and "past" is twenty -one day.I should have the surname Yang on this day."So from the east borrowed soldiers and prepared to cross the river by the Yellow River. The night before the crossing of the river, Duan Siping dreamed that others had cut his head, and dreamed of breaking the king bottle ear. He also dreamed of the mirror broken.Fear, so he dared not march. The military division Dong Galo said to him: These three dreams are all signs of good -looking. You are a doctor.The bottle has less ears, and the rest is the word "king". There is a figure in the mirror, as if another person is opposite to you, the mirror is broken, and the figure is gone. This is equivalent to your enemy. "Duan Siping does not exist."After listening to Dong Galo’s words, he immediately decided to continue to march.Soon after, he ran away, occupied his country, and changed its name to Dali.

The book "Fiction" compiled by Yin Bodhicin of the Southern Dynasties also records such a record: Qin Wang wins to dreamed of the sunset, and the sea of the sea are grasped. The ministers did not know how to explain the dream.And Lu Buwei’s only twelve -year -old family member Gan Luo explained the dream: "After the sun falls, the" Emperor "star can be revealed, the mountains collapse the earth can become more flat, and the seawater is dry and the dragons will only take the dragon to the dragons to take the dragon.The treasures are dedicated, and the flowers can only receive the fruit. "Although this record is absurd, it is also very good at cope.

[Ahwu Dao] It is necessary to look at the problem from different perspectives.Treating the same dream, it is reasonable to explain from the front, and it is reasonable to explain from the opposite side.However, in a special scenario, the military division cleverly interpreted the dream, so as to inspire the military mind and help Duan Siping’s confidence in entering the march, and played a positive role in strengthening.On the contrary, if the military division is also like Duan Siping, looking back on dreams, and worried that dreams will become reality, then there is no victory at all.Therefore, in real life, we must first believe in the power of science and correctly understand the causes of dreams and the meaning of dreams; on the other hand, we must learn to dialectically treat dreams.Things shrink, for fear that the nightmare will come true, nor can they be delusional throughout the day because of the dream of dreams, want to enter non -wrong, and indulge in unrealistic fantasies.

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