What do you think of dry goods during pregnancy?

After the early pregnancy test paper was tested, many pregnant mothers were not assured, thinking that the hospital went to draw blood and confirmed it.

Early pregnancy

What do you see?What do you think of various indicators?This article mainly interprets detailed interpretation of "three pregnancy" for reference for novice mothers:

Novice mother

1. What is three pregnancy?

(1) HCG human chorionic gonadotropin

After the fertilized egg moves to the uterine cavity, the embryo is formed. During the development of the development of the fetus, the placental nourishing layer cells produce a large amount of HCG, which can be excreted into the urine through the blood circulation of pregnant women;

(2) progesterone P

It is a natural progesterone secreted by ovarian luteum, which provides favorable conditions for the nutrition of bed and early embryo in bed and early embryos;

(3) estradiol E2

It is a kind of estrogen that can thicken the endometrium, enhance the contraction of smoothing muscles in the uterus, and is conducive to the bed and embryo development of fertilized eggs;

Pregnant mother

2. HCG and pregnancy weekly control table (unit: iu/l = mLU/ml)

Gestational week

Serum β-HCG reference range



3 weeks of pregnancy


4 weeks of pregnancy


5 weeks of pregnancy


6 weeks of pregnancy


7 weeks of pregnancy


8 weeks of pregnancy


Note: Only the reference value, different regions and different hospitals may be slightly different

Gestational week

3. The growth rate of HCG (unit: IU/L = MLU/ML)

HCG level

Growth speed reference


Double the next day (about 1.4-2.2 days double)

5000 <HCG <10000

Increte more than 1500 per day

HCG> 10000

Grow more than 3000 per day

HCG average peak: 9000 ± 30000

Refer to the growth rate, do not compare with others, as long as the indicators are within the scope of the qualification

Special reminder: After the pregnancy test paper is tested with early pregnancy test paper, you can continue to observe the color of the test paper for a few days. The first 14 days after ovulation can go to the hospital to draw blood to avoid going too early, and the value is still very low, so that you are worried.


4. Reference value of progesterone P (unit: nmol/l = ng/ml*3.18)


Reference value of progesterone P (small unit nmol/L)

Reference value of progesterone P (large unit NG/ml)

Early pregnancy



Mid -pregnancy



Late pregnancy



Note: Only the reference value, different regions and different hospitals may be slightly different

Index interpretation:

① progesterone ≥25ng/ml, which is a normal range, indicates that embryo survival opportunities are large;

② Pogoone is between 15-25ng/ml, and progesterone is low. It is recommended to consult a doctor if you need to intervene in replenishment of progesterone.

③ Welon <15ng/ml, it should be paid attention to, indicating that the embryo may develop poorly;

④ Welon <5ng/ml, low progesterone, indicating that the probability of stopping the development of embryos is high;

Drug supplement

5. Esolis and HCG (Unit: PMOL/L = 3.67*PG/ML)

HCG level

Corresponding level of estradium glycol


It should not be less than 200pg/ml

5000 <HCG <10000

It should not be less than 300pg/ml

HCG> 10000

It should not be less than 400pg/ml

The supplementary warning point of estradiol is 150pg/ml (550pmol/L)

special reminder:

① The more higher the estradiol is, the better, it is easy to contrast and bleeding;

② Estrogenol should gradually grow as the theory of gestational weeks. If 100pg/ml occasionally measures, do not worry too much, or data errors may be errors;

③ The golden indicator in the early pregnancy is still B -ultrasound, and the three pregnancy items are only used as a reference;

Green light

I wish all pregnant girls a good pregnancy soon!I wish all pregnant mothers a green light all the way!

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