What do you want to do when you just test your pregnancy?

Pregnant mothers must watch!Just pregnant, nanny -level pregnancy strategy!First of all, congratulations on you are pregnant [Delivery] [Delivery] [Delivery]

The next thing you have to experience, I hope it will be helpful to you ~

① Judging the pregnancy weeks: The first day of the aunt (such as 7.1 is the first day of the last aunt, 8.1 is tested for pregnancy, indicating that you have been pregnant for 4 weeks). Generally, aunt can test pregnancy after 1 day!

I’m coming to my aunt, I didn’t come that day, I will go to the test

② Related inspection

Go to the hospital for blood (progesterone and HCG) to hang gynecology!6-9 weeks of pregnancy do B -ultrasound (urinary) and obstetrics!

NT examination: 10-12 weeks

Construction file: The first production inspection in 12 weeks (hanging obstetrics)

③ Symptoms that will appear in the early pregnancy

Feeling tired, sleepy, dizziness, occasional uncomfortable stomach, and some redness, it is normal, no need to be too nervous and anxious (ten men and nine omissions …)

④ At this time, we must maintain a good mood

⑤ You can make up and skin care during pregnancy

Be sure to choose a safe cosmetics skin care product, you can check the ingredients in the beautiful practice app.If the products used now do not contain components of pregnant women with caution, then they can be continued ~ or replace it with special cosmetics skin care products for pregnant women

⑥ About eating

Folic acid: I insist on eating folic acid every day in the first three months, 0.4mg every day, and 0.8mg per day if the metabolism is not good

1 egg every day, 1-2 bottles of milk

Supplement DHA, just eat it 3 months ago. After 3 months, eat specialized health products, calcium tablets, calcium tablets

7. The following taboo can not be done during pregnancy

X does not touch if you contain alcohol

X unfamiliar food!Don’t eat it if you are born, half -life,

X don’t stay up late

X Try not to go to a densely personnel place

X cannot do housework: down the kitchen, washing dishes, mopping the floor, etc., raising, stepping on high, and moving heavy objects.

After pregnancy, the emotions of pregnant mothers will feel unstable, and they must communicate with her husband in time no matter what they think!

Pregnancy is not a matter of mother, dad [Look] also to participate!

“B pregnancy diary ” pregnancy ” ” “

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