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One psychological main component | JK pictures | The movie "Big Fish" dreams of derailment of a partner?What does it mean to dream of family illness?Dreaming of the loved ones who died, did they give us dreams?

Dream contains information that subconsciously wants to communicate with us, but it cannot tell us directly.

There is an interesting metaphor: the subconscious is like a primitive person. It does not know how to express its meaning by drawing a picture by drawing pictures, and that is a dream.

The subconscious is so vague and euphemistic. Without professional training, it is generally difficult for us to analyze our dreams.To this end, we combined with a psychological dream release master to bring you a professional and easy -to -understand dream interpretation column: the dream of interpretation of dreams.

I hope that by seeing how Shimmei solves the dream, she can gradually understand the principles of dreams, and even go further, try to understand their dreams and communicate with deep self.

In the following, continue to bring you 5 detailed dream analysis.

(Note: Because each person’s experience, environment, and personality are different, the image of the fingers in the dream is not the same. The following analysis is not the only standard answer.)

Last night I dreamed of my husband, me, and my girlfriend to play outside.He seemed to be waiting for someone, and his mind was not here.After a while, the suspicious primary three in life came, and he smiled and talked with her happily.so?IntersectionIntersection

Dream analysis

what are you worried about?

Many people once dreamed of derailment of partners.On the one hand, dreams may be a rehearsal.In reality, worrying about the other party derailment, such a scene will be arranged to practice in the dream: what should I do if such a situation happens.On the other hand, we may take these dreams as a prophecy.After doing such a dream, the possibility of derailment is more firm, and in reality, he loses his temper, shows his face, cold violence, and turns over the other party’s mobile phone.However, many times, such a performance will inspire each other’s resentment.

In fact, he is the director of dreams, because dreams are subconsciously arranged.Such arrangements want to tell you that it is not the problem of the other party, but there have been some concerns in your heart.These concerns may exist from when you were young, and now it has been transferred to the husband’s derailment.

Think about it, what are you might worry about?I am a little inferior in my heart. I am worried that I am not good enough. The other party will fall in love with people who are better than themselves.I always think of the other party very badly, may be derailed at any time, and force the TA to so pitiful; I don’t want to face such a self, I feel that this kind of self is bad.

When you try to derail your eyes from your dream partner, pull back to the relationship between the two people, return to your own worries, this dream may have different meanings.

Dreamingman message:

Everyone is the director of their own life.So, what kind of movie do you want?

A few days ago I dreamed that a familiar person asked me to wait for him to wait for him.The road was so dark that I couldn’t see the five fingers. I couldn’t see the road ahead, but I felt familiar.

Because I was afraid of it, I ran all the way, and I heard someone quarreling in my ears, like a quarrel of my loved ones; I ignored them to run forward, but it seemed that there was no end, and I saw a bit in front of me for a long time.

Suddenly, when I heard the voice of my grandmother who had died, she had been talking to others, but she couldn’t hear what she was saying. I couldn’t see her, and kept calling her to ignore me.Then there was something like a magnetic, so I woke up.

Dream imagery analysis intersection, select the pass.Familiar people let you go to the intersection and wait for him. The corresponding may be that family members often say that you have to work hard, and there will be many choices in the future.In the dream, it will be metaphorical to the journey of mind and life. The two echo each other.Different paths represent different states: there are bumpy roads in my heart, and in reality, it is generally not very smooth, and vice versa.The way to reach out without seeing the five fingers corresponds to the direction and confusion in your heart. In reality, you cannot see the goals and the future.When I rushed on the road, I heard the quarrel of my loved ones, which represents the environmental growth environment of the discordant family.Although you can’t see the direction, you must also run forward desperately, maybe stay away from this environment, or become more powerful to change it.The voices of the death of the grandmother represent that in your family, not only noisy, but also affection.At the same time, I also remind you that on the road of running, we must also pay attention to affection and their feelings.

Comprehensive analysis

Running forward out of fear is destined to have no direction

Perhaps in your childhood memory, it is full of quarrels of loved ones. In order to stay away from this environment or change this environment, you live very hard and run wildly on the road of life.

Maybe loved ones often say that if you work hard, you can live a good life in the future, and there are different choices.But you do n’t really understand the meaning, and you are confused, so what drove you to desperate and work hard is fear and restlessness (corresponding to the dream because of fear of running).

In your dreams, you and your grandmother seem to be separated from two time and space, and you ca n’t hear how she shouted; when you run too fast and work too hard, you will miss a lot of things, such as affection and time to accompany your family/lover.

In the end, a magnetic thing sucks you away, representing a sense of weakness: Your running is out of fear. You can’t stop and you can’t stop, so you missed affection or other feelings.This feeling of "involuntary" makes your inner conflict too large, and the dream can no longer be maintained, so you wake up.

Shi Mengmian message:

From this point of view, this dream is more like a torture for your life: Is it worth it?What kind of life do you want to live?

After my mother died, she often dreamed that my mother came back and told me that she was just getting lost, and finally found her home.Either she was amnesia, and then remembered where the house was, and then came back. I don’t know what it means behind this.

Dream analysis

I have a heartfelt wish to my mother

This dream represents your thoughts and blessings for your mother.

The positive explanation is that when I saw my mother again, my mother was in her heart.The opposite explanation is that my mother has so many grievances. Perhaps her death is better than alive, and her mother returns to heaven.

Many times I dreamed of being with my family, but my dad was not equally equally. He was always unfair to me as in real life, or even disgusted.

I often dreamed of when I was a kid, and heard him say, "It’s not your home here. Look at how great your brother, you see you …".He always takes his brother and brother to play, and even if I go forward, I will be rejected and left in place.Then I suddenly woke up, and then I realized that I was crying and wet the pillow.

(In real life, my relationship with my dad is not good. When I was a kid, I was given to others. From elementary school to high school he often said to me, "This is not your home, go back to XX’s house".))

Dream analysis

Hope you can really come out

There are two possibilities: one is to continue to practice in the heart, what should I do when facing such a father.The second is that I am immersed in this scene. Even if the dad in reality has improved, what you think of when you look at him is still the father when he was a child.

Shi Mengmian message:

In theory, I can dream of such a scene, which means that I can come out (because people who can’t come out are not dreaming).Although it is difficult, it depends on how you choose.

Once I dreamed of myself, my girlfriend, and my sister. The three went to my primary school to play.The school was empty. At the beginning, only three of us wandered. Later, my sister lost, so I went everywhere.

Seeing that there was a person on the playground who picked up the burden, and approached, the burden was all skulls, and the human head was also climbed out of the worm and ants.

Then I went to find it. Finally, I saw my sister next to a sand pile, and then woke up, scaring cold sweat, cool.This dream is super profound. It should have been 6 or 7 years in the past, and I still remember it deeply.

Dream Image Analysis Primary School pointed to childhood when he was a child.The building represents the atrium, the empty school, and the inner state of loneliness.Girlfriends and sisters are one side of their personality.The person who picked the burden was the skeleton head in the burden.There are many prototypes in the subconscious image proposed by Master Jung, and this person is likely to be the prototype of death in your dream.The loneliness of childhood makes you feel helpless and scared. The degree of fear is too strong, so that in the dream, it appears with the image of death (the source of human fear is death).

Comprehensive analysis

I finally found you, my sister

There are some dreams that we are trying to face things that we can’t face again, such as this dream.

The last scene of the general dream is the most inner conflict.At the end of this dream, you see your sister next to the sand pile; it may be that you think of some bad things next, such as your sister becomes a skeleton in the burden, and climb out of the worm ants.Because the inner conflict is too big, the dream cannot be maintained, you wake up.

The overall restoration analysis of the dream is: When you are childhood, you often feel empty and empty. The feeling of loneliness and helplessness makes you very scared and fearful, just like facing death, or making you be better than death.

In your dream, you found yourself when you were a child, and faced some emotions at the time. This is growth: After growing up, it is difficult to face what you have faced before you can try to face it.

Shi Mengmian message:

Maybe that person in the dream makes you be afraid, it also gives you strength.When you grow, his image in his dream will change new.

The above is the five dream analysis of the columns in this issue.After the first phase of the dream shop shop was sent out last week, the backstage was brushed by everyone’s enthusiastic comments. We also hoped that the interpretation of dreams kept doing it all the time.Due to space, more dream analysis will be released in the next period.

This is the second issue of the dream interpretation story shop. The next issue will be launched within 2 weeks. If you like it, please forward it. Welcome everyone to continue to pay attention!

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