What drug injections need to be performed during the treatment of IVF?

        What drugs need to be performed during the treatment of IVF?Will it affect the body of women?Today, IVF technology has become the best pregnancy aid plan for infertile families, because the success rate of IVF has a high success rate and obvious effects, but the IVF process is not as simple as people imagine. Generally speakingA certain medicine is needed during infant treatment, and injections are also necessary, but many female patients are afraid of injections, so they are particularly concerned about which drug injection to be performed. Will it hurt or affect the body?

        Experts from Shanghai 455 Hospital said that due to physical differences in each female patient, the number of injections required for different injections and time is not the same, so it is unclear which drug injection and time required, but the drug used during the test tube babyIt will not affect women’s bodies. Even after stopping the medication, it will not affect the normal physiological cycle, so there is no need to worry too much.

       Generally speaking, the following types of injections are required to do IVF:

        I. Decline needle: The lowering needle is usually began to be played on the seventh day before the menstrual period of women’s menstruation. It is necessary to inject continuously for seven days, and some patients need to be injected until the day of the ovulation needle.The purpose of the cutting needle is to make the eggs in the ovary better, and make better preparation for subsequent egg retrieval.

       Second, ovulation acupuncture: After the cutting of the needle is completed, the ovulation needle must be started. The purpose of ovulation promotion is to make multiple follicles in the ovary develop at the same time.In good health, the dosage used is relatively small.

        Third, progesterone: After transplantation of IVF, you need to inject suengosone or HCG. He always insisted on the embryo. On the 14th day after transplantation, if you are pregnant, you need to contact the doctor if you are pregnant.If you do not have an arbitrarily, stop pine ketone and wait for the coming of menstruation.

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