What drugs can cause abortion?What should I pay attention to

In life, we can often come into contact with medicines. For long -term diseases, they can be used as a doctor.The bad side is that a little accidental medication may affect fetal development and even terminate pregnancy.

Which of life will cause abortion?

Here we are named Motherwort. When it comes to Motherwort, many girlfriends are no stranger to. When menstruation is irregular, doctors will open Yimuwao particles or ointment to promote blood circulation and help the scriptures, but it is precisely because of the medicinal mildness and blood circulation and blood stasis.It must be prohibited during pregnancy, and any drugs that may cause urban smooth muscle contraction, such as compactness, motherwort, posterior pituitary chloroplasis, prostaglandin, ceiling powder, and quinine.The smooth uterine drugs may cause abortion or premature birth.Mission and strong irritating drugs such as magnesium sulfate and radon oil. Due to the stimulating effect on the intestinal tube, reflexuality can cause pelvic organ congestion and enhance the shrinkage of the uterus, which leads to abortion. Therefore, it is generally avoided.

Abortion and induction drugs

Abortion drugs are actually new types of antipyretic drugs that have the effect of gestation. It is also known as Mi buttone. The use of Mi -ketone is used with prostinine drugs.Those who can only use early pregnancy within 49 days before menstruation and age under 35 years old. Even if the drug flow is not clean, the palace mouth is open at this time, and the Qing Dynasty surgery is lighter than the flow of people.If you induce labor, you must use the uterine complication, and you should also adjust the dripping speed according to the uterine contraction and the frequency of fetal heartbeat to prevent the fetus from suffocating in the uterus.

Xiaobian reminds: If you are ready to leave your baby during pregnancy, you must not take medicines randomly, otherwise even if you stay, you may have the shortcomings of development.Adopt drug flow.

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