What examinations do I need to do in the early pregnancy?

Many expectant mothers will mistakenly think that they do n’t have to check for two months before pregnancy. In fact, this is a misunderstanding. It is very important to check in the early pregnancy and greatly reduce the possibility of a problem with maternal problems.

The significance of hormone examination in early pregnancy

The hormone indicators of early pregnancy monitoring are HCG and progesterone, and the indicators that have been monitored in recent clinical clinical are estradiol.

The estradiol is not long in clinical application, and the corresponding values corresponding to the corresponding gestational week fluctuate greatly, but dynamic monitoring estradium can see the trend of gradually increased with the increase of the estrogen glycol level.A significant decline in the monitoring process indicates that the prognosis of the embryo is not good.

In fact, there are great individual differences in both HCG and progesterone indicators after pregnancy. It is impossible to make a fetal prognosis judgment based on one or two examinations.Women who are naturally conceive only need urine tests or blood tests to confirm pregnancy, and then check the B -ultrasound before 7 weeks of pregnancy to confirm that embryo development is normal, and no blood test is required.


Checking of progesterone indicators during normal pregnancy is an important indicator for evaluating fetal development.

If the luteal ketone value is greater than 25ng/ml (80 mmol/L) in a single check, the fetal growth state is good.

In the early stages of pregnancy, the level of progesterone will gradually rise with the increase of the gestational week. If the level of progesterone does not rise and fall, it is prompted that the fetal prognosis may not be good. It is recommended that the clinic ultrasound is recommended to clarify the development of the fetus.

The importance of B -ultrasound in early pregnancy

It is necessary to perform ultrasound examination in the early pregnancy. You can clarify the pregnancy site and determine the survival of the fetus. If there is bleeding, you can find the cause of bleeding. For pregnant women with menstrual disorders, it can also help the estimated due date, clarify the number of fetuses, and judge the chorionic membrane of the twin pregnancy.wait.

The difference between vaginal ultrasound and abdominal ultrasound

Type B ultrasound has been applied in clinical clinical clinical clinical applications, and it is currently proven to be very helpful to eugenics.Its working principle is ultrasound. Whether it is vaginal ultrasound or abdominal ultrasound, it is equally safe after pregnancy.

Obstetrics and gynecology ultrasound examination forms are divided into vaginal ultrasound, abdominal ultrasound and perineum ultrasound according to the inspection site.

Vaginal ultrasound is suitable for early and third trimester.It can help observe the location of follicles, endometrium, subordinates, and cervical placenta positions. It is also suitable for some pregnant women with thick abdominal walls.

The abdominal ultrasound is suitable for those with a large volume of the middle and late pregnancy and the large volume of the uterus and pelvic crickets.

The perineal ultrasound is used to determine the placenta position, cervical length, and large situation of the placenta during late pregnancy.

The results of vaginal ultrasound are more accurate in the early pregnancy test, and intuitive and fast. Pregnant women have no trouble in urine, because pregnant women have frequent physiological phenomena in the early pregnancy, and the urination process is very difficult.

In addition, the vaginal ultrasound can detect the fetal heartbeat earlier than the abdominal ultrasound.As far as the accuracy and comfort of the data are concerned, the vaginal ultrasound is also better than the abdominal ultrasound.If there is no abnormal manifestations such as vaginal bleeding and threatened abortion, vaginal ultrasound is the first choice.

Foreign obstetrics and gynecologists use vaginal ultrasound to check early pregnant women, while Chinese pregnant women often worry about ultrasound harmful to the fetus to refuse vaginal ultrasound, but there is no evidence that the vaginal ultrasound will cause harm to the fetus.

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