What examinations need to be done during pregnancy during pregnancy

Pregnancy is the happiest thing in a woman’s life, and the most important period in the family. At that time, the wife’s belly was born with a new life. We must take the spirit to take a good treatment.

Pregnancy examination is a very important process. First of all, it is recommended that a comprehensive physical examination before pregnancy is recommended to evaluate the help of a regular hospital doctor to ensure the safety of pregnancy.In addition to the regular pre -delivery examination during pregnancy, liver merit must also be monitored. The obstetrics are allowed to review the B -ultrasound of the liver and gallbladder and spleen.Disposal in time, actively conduct various examinations, and clear diagnosis.If you determine the abnormal liver function, or the jaundice, and the B -ultrasound are obviously abnormal, it is necessary to actively deal with it.The baby is about to come to this world in a few months. As a mother, you must be excited and happy at this moment. You must have depicted your baby’s cuteness in your mind. Maternal love and fatherly love are everyone’s nature.Parents, we all hope that our babies can be born healthy. At this time, regular inspections are absolutely necessary.At 1 to 12 weeks, we can do a basic examination. At this time, we can know that pregnancy has entered a relatively stable stage.

After 16 weeks after pregnancy in a relatively stable stage, I hope the expectant mothers remember to have a Tang family screening. The Tang syndrome is one of the most common chromosomal abnormalities. Usually, elderly women over 35 years oldThe chance is higher than young women.Tang’s syndrome screening does not exactly tell you whether your baby has a Tang syndrome. It can only tell you how high the baby’s risk of Tang’s syndrome.Each of us hopes that the baby can be born healthy and safe, but the prevention of prevention must be done well.B -ultrasound and four -dimensional color ultrasound are also very important. It can know whether your baby is developing normally.

Remember that no matter how busy, we must remember to do a good job of each period. The changes that our expectant mothers will happen in each period are different, but it is necessary to supplement nutrition.It is our mother’s nutrition, so the mother must keep up with the nutrition during this period.

In the second trimester, the number of frequent fetal movements at this time will increase than before. The examination of pregnancy can let us know our due date. In this way, we can prepare. During the period of time, we must pay attention to the nutrition of pregnant women.Salt divisions should continue to live in a balanced nutritional diet.

For the health of our baby’s health and the health of the pregnant woman, the prospective dad and the mothers, I hope you can do this well, and I hope you can know the importance of examination during pregnancy.

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