What facial cleansers do urban fashion men and women use?Type male beauty favors the top 10 fabric laundering rankings

The men and women living in the city face the skin pressure brought by dust, radiation, car tail gas, etc. every day. All these will be sucking on the skin.It will be swarmed, and the choice of facial cleanser is critical for the skin care of the type of male and beautiful women.Today, I will give you a look at 10 super-word-of-mouth facial cleansers., Dixi, these facial cleanser’s mouth has good effects, let’s take a look!

NO.1 >>> Yuelei Rose Ying Run Jing Yan Mousse 128RMB/120ml

Yuelei cleansing effectively replenishes sufficient water while cleaning, gently wash the skin texture and dirt in the pores, and continues to lock the water, increase skin elasticity, and continuously adhere to the skin’s moisturizing and smoothness.

NO.2 >>> SK-II mild amino acid cleansing milk 460RMB/120ml

Gentle cleansing, superior cleaning power, and a weak acidic formula with the skin pH value contains SK-II Pitratm, hydrolyzed lust extracts and moisturizing ingredients.Mild and superior to clean power, its rich and fine moisturizing foam can surround the dirt, and then take it away from the skin to give you delicate and translucent people’s skin.

NO.3 >>> Lancome Sofee Sofee Cleansing Gel 300RMB/125ml

Papaya and pineapple enzymes that refine their own natural nature can help the old keratin peel off after combination. In addition, a new active foam factors are added to gently clean the skin and maintain the original health state to restore the skin to luster.

NO.4 >>> Elisor Elastic Repair Cleansing Ointment 220RMB/130ml

The rich and delicate foam and delicate particles can prevent sebum oxidation while clearing the dirt and aging keratin in the pores, and washing the beautiful skin.

NO.5 >>> Biotherm Living Spring Skin Cleansing Milk 220RMB/150ml

The texture is very humid.Gently rub it after adding water, it can be able to make rich foam in only 1 second.Bubble and its soft dense.The texture is soft, and it almost can’t feel its weight when it is applied to the face.To ensure the balance of water and oil during the cleaning process.

NO.6 >>> Double Sister Yurong Skin Milk 350RMB/120ml

Clean skin lotion with a sense of moisturizing, take care of delicate skin from cleaning.The gently and sophisticated external turbidity is used to purify the deep -lived beams and grass, injecting Italian rare wild white loose dew and condensed white magnolia, fading the traces of the years, and litting up.

NO.7 >>> Mizuka Ao Mineral Facial Washing Milk 180RMB/169ml

The texture of the facial cleanser, cleaning and removing removal of residual makeup. The sticky polysaccharides prevent the loss of skin water during cleansing, helping the water lock, and the skin feels refreshing and tender after use.

NO.8 >>> Du Fan EX Ganoderma Essence Washing Family Cream 180RMB/130ml

The nature of softness, smoothness, abundant and delicate foam can easily remove dirt and aging keratin on the skin, and quickly relieve skin fatigue; the cooperation of the essence of Ganoderma lucidum is smooth, translucent, and extremely comfortable.

NO.9 >>> Ivyli Materia Medica Credit Facial Cream 128RMB/120ml

Contains ginseng root extraction solution, peony root extract, scutellaria root extract, dragon gorgeous rare solution, and amino acid system washing ingredients. Three types of biological components that make the skin circulate normally, and guide vitality, bloody healthy and beautiful skin.

NO.10 >>> Langfan collagen essence facial lotion 110RMB/100ml

The nature is soft, and the skin is fully wrapped with the delicate and rich foam, and the dirt on the skin and the aging keratin are softly stretched to stretch the skin.

Editor’s post -editing: The 10 recommended cleansing products recommended above are favored by urban male and beautiful women, especially the top "Yuelei Rose Rose Music" soap and amino acids in the top of the list coexist.At the same time, it can also take into account mildness. The ingredients of nicotinamide inside can effectively regulate the secretion of the skin’s fat and balance water and oil. Even if you use it once, you will deeply fall in love with.Bai Xiaoya/Wen

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