What feed does pregnant cow feed?How to feed pregnant cows?The methods are here

The feeding management of pregnant cows is the focus of the breeding process. Only by raising cows can we gain more healthy calves and improve the benefits of farms.So, how should pregnancy cows feed and why do the feed good?Today we will talk about this topic.

1. Feed formula

After the cows are pregnant, the body needs a lot of protein and nutrients, but be careful not to feed too much energy feed, which can easily lead to too much fat or embryos, which causes difficulty in giving birth.At this time, pay attention to nutritional balance.

You can choose: Little Pastor’s feed-5%pregnancy cows pre-mixture, with 49%corn, 14%soybean meal, 20%DDGS, 12%bran. The soybean meal in it is used to supplement protein and the bran is used to prevent constipation.In this way, it can follow the physiological laws of pregnant cows well, which is very good for cows.

In addition, during the pregnancy of cows, we can also add cows to mixing materials: Mother An Tai Bao+Multi -Vita Pacific Bao, supplement the cows with vitamins and qi and blood, so that the cows can be healthy and smooth from pregnancy to production.

Second, feeding method

1. During the age of the cow’s pregnancy, because the embryo has not been fully formed, it is easy to have a miscarriage, so we should not feed the cow at this time.

2. After the cow was pregnant in March, we gradually increased the total feeding amount to ensure the amount of cows’ eating and promote embryonic development.

3. After the cow is June, we should not increase the total feeding of cows anymore, avoiding too large the fetus, which can reduce the number of feeding, increase the number of feeding, and arrange feeding time reasonably.

4. Two months before the cows are giving birth, because the cow body needs nutrients to secrete milk, at this stage we want to increase the amount of fine feed feeding, which should be increased to about twice the early stages of pregnancy., Carrot and other green juicy feeds.

Third, precautions

1. During pregnancy, cows are forbidden to feed potatoes, leachies, and moldy feeds. These things can easily cause cows to abort or give birth to dead tires.

2. During the pregnancy of cows, we must pay attention to maintaining the sanitary environment of the circle, disinfection and ventilation, and to keep ventilation. About 7 days before the cow produces, we must clean and disinfect the circle.Then try to replace the new soil as much as possible.

3. After the cow is pregnant, we must try to minimize the amount of labor and exercise of cows as much as possible to avoid causing abortion.

After pregnancy, there are many things to pay attention to in many ways. In the normal breeding process, we must manage more carefully in order to ensure that cows are healthy.In contrast to the above points, I believe it will help everyone!

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