What happened to my leg pain?In the final analysis of the three categories, which type do you belong to?

At the age of the age, the leg pain often occurred. Many people did not care about the natural phenomenon of the older age. Some people went to the pharmacy to buy medicines by themselves, or put a few plasters to relieve it.However, if the right medicine is not applied, this common "old problem" cannot be cured.

In the final analysis, these three causes of the three categories will cause leg pain

In general, leg pain is caused by the following three major causes. See which one you belong to, and then apply the right medicine.

1. The problem of inflammation causes leg pain

① inflammation

The inflammatory factors that cause leg pain and lesions include lumbar bone, joints and soft tissue infection inflammation caused by specific infection sources.

② Sterilization of soft tissue inflammation

Sterilizer sterile inflammation caused by factors such as trauma, strain, cold, humidity, and muscle spasm, congestion, edema, exudation, and fibrous tissue adhesion of the lesions caused back pain.

③ joint inflammation

Artal inflammation is mainly divided into rheumatoid arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, which is the common cause of leg pain.The former shows that the parts of joint pain have changed a lot, and the latter is mostly manifested as stiff and uncomfortable leg activity.

2. Varic veins cause leg pain

① Stand up for a long time and not exercise

Some surveys have shown that 60%of patients with venous songs are engaged in long -standing work and physical work.

② pregnancy

About 20%of pregnant women will experience intravenous veins during pregnancy. This is mainly due to the changes in female estrogen levels in the body during pregnancy to relax the vein smooth muscle, which is caused by insufficiency of valve function.Some patients can disappear by themselves after giving birth, and some will gradually increase.

③ Varic venous wall structure defect

Long -term expansion of vein can cause the valve to atrophy, and even gradually degenerate and disappear. If the valve defects are first in the veins, then while the valve destruction, the venous wall will be affected on the one hand.Early veins or expansion.

3. Other reasons cause leg pain

① Blood vessels blocked

If the leg hurts, it is also accompanied by symptoms such as intermittent clamoring and physical weakness, and be alert to the arteriosclerosis and occlusion of the lower limb. It is recommended to go to the hospital for vascular surgery for examination.

② Lumbar disc protruding

The occurrence of lumbar discurities is now a very common disease. Many people can’t get rid of it with their leg pain.In addition, in addition to leg pain, the lumbar dial is accompanied by back pain.

In short, all the functions of the body are degraded, so middle -aged and elderly people should pay more attention to physical health. If any abnormal phenomenon is found, it is recommended to seek medical treatment in time to ensure that the disease can be resolved early and early.

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