What happened to the private part of a woman?Tell you quietly: Pay attention to these 10 reasons

Swelling and pain in private parts is a sign of many diseases. It is recommended that women notice that they are not in time and seek medical treatment as soon as possible. Do not delay time.The following is a common cause of such situations:

1. Sneeper

This is a common yeast infection. Clinical manifestations mainly include pain, vulvar itching, swelling and pain, and sexual intercourse pain.Although the incidence of the disease is high, it still needs to be treated in time.The first pregnant woman and patients with two or more patients within six months should pay special attention.

2. Sexual communication disease

Gonorrhea, chlamydia, trichomoniasis, etc. are more common sexually transmitted diseases.Most patients with chlamydia will not have any symptoms, but a few people will have a burning sensation when urination, or the lower body will secrete abnormal liquid; and women will feel vaginal swelling, or vaginal bleeding after sexual intercourse.

Sexual behaviors without protective measures, shared non -clean sex toys, etc., are common causes of bacterial transmission and inducing gonorrhea.Female patients usually experience symptoms such as vaginal swelling and pain, leucorrhea abnormalities, and dysuria.

Trichomonas is mainly caused by vaginal fur infections. Common diseases of female patients include dysuria, vaginal swelling, sexual intercourse pain, and vaginal secretions are yellow or green.

3. Bacterial vaginitis

When the flora in the vagina is destroyed, the disease is usually suffered.The lower body of the patient will exudes the fishy smell, and in the process of sexual intercourse, it will feel particularly uncomfortable, and a small number of people will also have vaginal swelling.The main treatment method is to take antibiotics in moderation, but you must first consult your doctor’s advice.

4. Sexual behavior is too intense

Some groups may enjoy this method of sexual intercourse, but pay attention to protecting the vagina, rude sexual behavior is likely to cause damage to the inner wall of the vagina, causing women to swell in the lower body.The swelling caused by this kind of reason will disappear for three or five days. When the duration is too long, it is recommended to go to the hospital for examination.

5. Herpes

Herpes refers to blisters on the surface of the skin.The dissemination of such viruses is extremely extensive. It can spread through sexual life, and even a kiss can spread, so that the contact between skin and skin will be onset.Depending on the infection site, blisters usually appear on the inner wall of the oral cavity, the surface of the genitals, and around the fingers.Female patients will feel swollen in private, and leucorrhea may also secrete abnormalities.

6. Pregnancy

Vaginal swelling is also one of the common phenomena during pregnancy. As the fetus gradually swells, the pressure to apply pelvic muscles and blood vessels is also greater. After the blood circulation is blocked, it may cause inflammation and cause discomfort.

7. Cervicitis

Cervical inflammation is usually caused by sexually transmitted diseases. Private parts, pain, pelvic pain, and vaginal bleeding during non -menstrual periods are common clinical symptoms.

8. vaginal cyst

This is a vaginal benign tumor. Patients will feel swelling and discomfort in the lower body, and it will be abnormal when sexual intercourse.

9. Riding a bicycle

When women are riding, they may need to bear 40%of their body weight.This pressure can compress the labia and vagina, which leads to swelling.

10. Stimulation or allergies

Allergic reactions in the vulva, such as when they are exposed to irritating soaps, perfumes, toilet paper, condoms and laundry powder, they will appear rash or swelling and pain. Excessive or tailored underwear will also cause discomfort.

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