What harm would pregnant mothers smoke 14 cigarettes a day?

Researchers at the University of Langcister and Durun University conducted ultrasonic scan on 20 pregnant mothers from 24 to 36 weeks of pregnancy, of which four pregnant mothers smoked 14 cigarettes per day.Researchers have found that the fetus of these four pregnant mothers is obviously distinguished from the fetus of the healthy pregnant mothers.Smoking pregnant women show more mouth movements than other fetuses.The fetus usually appears in the mouth and touches himself by hand.

The effects of the hands and mouth movements brought by smoking to the fetus are similar to the fetus that the pregnant women who are suffering from high pressure or very frustrated pregnant women are very painful.

After studying the disease of nearly 1,000 schizophrenia in the Medical Center of Columbia University, it was found that the risk of schizophrenia in the fetus with a high nicotine content in the blood increased by 38%.

The baby of the netizen Xiao Stinky Egg Niu said: I would not say that I would say that the knife rack neck had not said before the baby’s neck, because the most hated what others forced me.This is good. From the day of checking the day of pregnancy, let alone smoke, you will hide far away when you encounter the smell of smoke, and he feels unlimitedly guilty of his long -term smoking history. Bao Dad said that only the baby can transform me like this. This is the matter.It should be a problem of responsibility. I used to feel that I couldn’t quit smoke.

In China, there are very few smokers in pregnant women, but there are many cases of inhaling second -hand smoke on various occasions.

In the middle of the year, Shanghai women ate with friends at night. They just sat with 6 large -stricken maternal women with a long barbecue table. During the meal, she noticed that the men at the table next door were smoking.Although those pregnant women were dissatisfied, they just swallowed.

The woman couldn’t see it anymore, so she stepped forward and got up and persuaded the smokers to go to the area where they could smoke.

However, the man did not listen to persuasion, but fought the woman, and the later women’s injury report was identified as a soft tissue injury.We all know that second -hand smoke is harmful to pregnant women, but it is impossible to know how much harm. In fact, the harm of second -hand smoke to pregnant women even exceeds our imagination.

1. Cancer during pregnancy

There are a large amount of harmful substances in second -hand smoke, and there are as many as 69 carcinogenic and harmful substances. These substances will cause mutations in key genes in the body, which will affect the dysfunction of normal growth control mechanisms, which will eventually lead to the occurrence of cell cancer and malignant tumors.

2. Fetal death

If pregnant women have smoking habits or in the second -hand smoke environment for a long time, they will lead to increased chances of premature birth, neonatal tube deformity and cleft lip and palate, and may even be born.

3. Pregnancy comic

Studies have found that second -hand cigarettes are the main causes of pregnancy in pregnant women, and they are also the main factors that cause complications of various pregnancy periods, such as pregnancy hypertension and pregnancy hyperglycemia. These are directly related to second -hand cigarettes.

Many women have a disgusted attitude towards smokers, but they can only dare to say in some public places.Therefore, pregnant pregnant mothers need to pay attention to as less public places as much as possible, and pay attention to replenishing vitamins in time to enhance the human body’s disease resistance.

At the same time, people with smoking calendar can take care of others in public, and don’t build their happiness on the pain of others!

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