What if menstruation does not come?Don’t be sloppy, improve these five reasons, improve timely improvement

Menstruation delayed time will affect women’s pregnancy. Although this is not a decisive factor, the delay of menstruation is related to ovarian and endocrine. Therefore, the cause of menstrual delay may be the problem of ovarian and endocrine.If menstruation is often delayed, it may be difficult to calculate the ovulation date and make corresponding preparations.If your menstruation is delayed, you must first consider whether there are external factors that affect your menstruation. If not, check whether your body is fine.So what is the reason for menstruation?

1. Excessive diet

The long -term goal of many young women is to lose weight.Although it is already very thin, the body fat rate is already very low.However, they have a long -term diet because of the so -called bone beauty.But it is unknown that women need a certain amount of fat to maintain normal menstrual cycles and conception.Excessive diet can lead to damage to estrogen synthesis, delayed menstruation, reduced menstruation, and even amenorrhea, resulting in loss of appetite and anorexia, and normal physical function is damaged.Therefore, women’s weight loss should be reasonable and scientific, rather than using body fat as a parameter, blindly pursuing numbers, and healthy beauty is the real beauty.

2. Great mental stress

The pace of modern life is fast, especially white -collar workers need to be in mental stress for a long time. Work pressure affects women’s mound brain work. It is responsible for regulating the menstrual cycle, which affects the normal menstrual cycle.If your menstruation is delayed, look back at your lifestyle at this stage.If the pressure is the reason, please learn some relaxation methods. You can relax your body and mind appropriately by yoga, shopping, walking, travel, etc.

3. Endocrine disorders

Women’s menstrual delay is often caused by endocrine disorders, which is often related to women’s irregular diet and daily activities.The day and night are upside down, and the schedule is irregular, and women are more likely to cause endocrine disorders.In addition, primary ovarian dysfunction, polycystic ovary syndrome and premature menstruation can cause women’s menstrual disorders.In the case of menstrual disorders, women should avoid colds, work and rest normally. Due to endocrine reasons, women need to go to the hospital for treatment in time.

4. Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a common cause of menstrual disorders and is normal.Therefore, if menstruation is delayed, women of childbearing age can use early pregnancy test strips for testing. If they are suspected of pregnancy, they should go to the hospital for examination as soon as possible to determine whether they are pregnant.Remember, contraceptives contain estrogen and progesterone, which will prevent the ovaries from release eggs and stop drugs delaying menstruation.

5. Gynecological disease

Gynecological diseases are caused by lack of endometrium.Indexation of menstruation can cause uterine problems, such as endometritis and dysplasia of uterine.In addition, the reason why the endometrium falls off on time is also related to the stimulation of ovarian secretion. Therefore, if there is a problem with ovarian, abnormal hormone secretion may cause delay of menstruation, such as ovarian syndrome and ovarian dysfunction.

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