What impact does husband and wife have frequently quarreled during pregnancy?"Damage" more than a little bit

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For pregnant mothers during pregnancy, most of them know that they should eat reasonably during pregnancy to ensure good living conditions.It is a lot of things to make yourself "eat, drink, sleep well" during pregnancy, and you need not consider others.

But in fact, pregnant mothers need to pay attention to not only eating, drinking, and sleeping during pregnancy, but also a little bit easier to ignore, but it has a great impact on the entire pregnancy.question.

During pregnancy, due to the impact of hormone levels in the body, pregnant mothers will have emotional abnormalities and fluctuations.

In addition to the impact of hormones, the emotions of pregnant mothers have a lot to do with their family attitude, especially husbands.

If the pregnant mother often quarrels with her husband during pregnancy and causes her emotions to be depressed for a long time, it is very unfavorable to the growth of the fetus.

After Xia Lin’s pregnancy, her mood became very sensitive, often because her husband’s words were not deep, he could be depressed for a long time.

On the morning, Xia Lin and her husband explained that she would go to the birthday after the day after the day, hoping that her husband could accompany him.But the husband said that he had an important customer the day after tomorrow, and hoped that Xia Lin could go.

As soon as the words fell, Xia Lin felt very wronged.Someone during pregnancy is accompanied by a checkup, and they have to go alone.Thinking about it, Xia Lin cried.

Husband on the side said that Charlin was still wronged, and her husband was also anxious. He yelled: others also went to the delivery for their own inspection. Why are you so confusing?Can’t I make money at work?

Facing her husband’s roar, Xia Lin really wanted to get angry.When she was so angry that she was "dizzy", Xia Lin suddenly felt a pain in the abdomen, and then the pain became more and more intense, and Xia Lin gradually lost consciousness.

The husband on the side was naturally scared and hurriedly sent Xia Lin to the hospital.After the doctor’s examination, the doctor found that Xia Lin showed signs of miscarriage.

After asking the situation, the doctor said: When a woman is pregnant, her mood is very important. The most taboo is angry.Such a situation appeared as a signs of miscarriage.

When Xia Lin’s husband heard this, he regretted it inside.Fortunately, after the doctor’s treatment, the fetus and pregnant women were out of danger.

As the saying goes, "mother and child are connected."This sentence is not just just talking.During pregnancy, the emotions of pregnant mothers have a great impact on the fetus.

During pregnancy, if the husband and wife are fighting frequently, the mood of the pregnant mother will be too excited, so that the harm to the fetus can be more than a little bit.

1) Increase the probability of abortion and premature birth

During pregnancy, the women’s body’s organs are in a relatively sensitive state. If emotional fluctuations are large, it is easy to stimulate the uterus, causing a severe and rapid contraction of the uterus.

The uterus has a severe contraction during pregnancy, and it is easy to occur from premature birth or even abortion. This situation is undoubtedly the most unwilling to see.

Therefore, during pregnancy, pregnant mothers and family members must learn to control each other’s emotions, especially husbands, to help pregnant mothers build positive emotions.

2) Different effects of fetus during development

1. Early pregnancy

In the early pregnancy, the emotional fluctuations of pregnant mothers fluctuated, so it will cause hormone changes in the body, cause the fetus instability, and abortion;

2. mid -pregnancy

In the second trimester, if the mothers of pregnant mothers float large, they will cause the baby to develop deformity, low immunity, and even psychological personality.

3. The early pregnancy

In the third trimester, if the pregnant mother is too emotional, it will cause uterine vascular contraction, uterine hypoxia, etc., and the fetus will also have risks such as hypoxia in the uterus.

3) Affect the child after birth

During pregnancy, the couple often quarrel, which will lead to the depression of pregnant mothers.When emotions, the brain nerve secretion will be insufficient, and the child is likely to be a lonely and melancholic character.

Written at the end:

During pregnancy, eating, drink, and sleep well is only basic. It is also closely related to the health of the pregnant mother.

Therefore, I hope that every pregnant mother can have a good mood during pregnancy. Even if she encounters unhappy things, pregnant mothers must learn to adjust their mentality and actively spend the whole pregnancy.

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