What is going on with pregnant sows without eating?How to treat pregnant sows without eating?Teach you this article

The reasons why pregnant sows do not eat food. From the perspective of feed, there are inappropriate feed, moldy and deterioration, and improper feeding methods; in terms of physiological state, there are fetal compression of the digestive tract, causing unsatisfactory gastrointestinal motility, disorders of sows secretion of secretionWait; from the perspective of management, there are insufficient sows, insufficient lighting of pigpen.Below are divided into three reasons: feed usage, sow body fluid circulation, and management methods during pregnancy.Let’s give some treatment methods.

1. Feed usage

① The daily feed of sows is: 2%to 2.2%of weight.② The feed should be diversified, comprehensive, and good. After 3 months of pregnancy, the amount of green, thick, and juicy feed should be reduced.③ The protein content in the diets should be about 14%to 16%, the calcium content is 0.75%, and the calcium phosphorus ratio is (1 to 1.5): 1, salt accounts for about 1.5, and vitamin A and D cannot be lacking.Remember, you should not feed too much concentrate in the early stages of pregnancy, otherwise sow over the fertilizer will cause diseases such as less self -protection, small head, postpartum milk, and uterineitis.④ We can use it by mixing sow: Mother animal is too guaranteed to solve sow constipation, not eating, eye feces, tear spots, empty arms, low production rates, weak production, abortion, mummy tire, high tire rate, sow elimination elimination, sow elimination eliminationThere are 15 common problems such as high rates, low immunity, postpartum no milk, postpartum lack of milk, and irregular estrus.

2. Sow’s body fluid circulation

In the later stages of pregnancy, the sow was unwilling to exercise for a long time. In addition, the fetus in the abdomen continued to increase, which compressed the digestive tract, causing intestinal peristalsis, slowness, and decreased digestive ability, causing sow to lose or not eat.For sows caused by the physiological reactions of these pregnancy, we can drink water or water for sows: open food too much, 100ml of water 1L of water, and 150ml-200ml of drinking water or mixing water.The sow is 2 weeks before the birth to 1 week after delivery, and 3-4 days a week can prevent and treat sows without eating, supplementing the blood and physical fitness of sows before giving birth.For severe stubborn pigs, you can spray 200ml of pharmaceutical liquid directly to his mouth.

3. Management method during pregnancy

Our management of the farm is not in place, leading to the closed pigpen, insufficient light, low temperature and humidity of the house, and poor environmental sanitation. These situations will cause sows’ endocrine disorders, which will cause dysfunction of digestive systemsBad, non -milk and so on.In addition, it will cause bacteria to breed, resulting in the accumulation of toxins in sows, and also leading to sows anorexia.Therefore, we must guarantee that the pigpen has good light, dry and warm, and air circulation. It urges sows to exercise appropriate amounts, so that sows are smooth blood, stable feeding, and help sow to produce smoothly.

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