What is prenatal education

What is prenatal education?

The ancients believed that the fetus could feel the influence of pregnant women’s emotions, words and deeds in the mother, so pregnant women must adhere to etiquette and give the fetus a good influence, named prenatal education.In short, prenatal education is to allow the baby to promote the baby’s brain development through music, dialogue, exercise, touching and other methods during the fetus, to make the fetus more intelligent.

Parental purpose

The purpose of prenatal education is to create a beautiful environment for the fetus, provide good stimulation to promote the development of the fetal brain, and lay a good foundation for children’s intelligence development.

Prenatal education method

Pregnancy education is a delicate education method, which can be divided into direct prenatal education (for young children) and indirect prenatal education (for pregnant mothers).Direct prenatal education is also called narrow prenatal education, including music prenatal education, language prenatal education, touched prenatal education, sports prenatal education, and light prenatal education.Indirect prenatal education, also known as a broad prenatal education, mainly includes breeding preparation, nutritional prenatal education, environmental prenatal education, and emotional prenatal education.

1. Music prenatal education

Music prenatal education refers to the process of teaching the fetus through music.Music prenatal education is a comprehensive discipline knowledge. It is based on the discipline and majors of music therapy. It promotes the comprehensive method of healthy growth of pregnant women and fetuses in the way of music.Music prenatal education is not just a pure listening to music, nor is it a widely considered fetus in the society to listen to music and listen to the same music.Scientific music prenatal education is a comprehensive prenatal education method that runs through the music, including different forms such as listening, rhythm, meditation, and singing.In these different ways of music prenatal education, music plays a different role in different pregnancy during the fetus and expectant mothers. We advocate that the content of music prenatal education is reasonably arranged according to the cycle of pregnancy, and scientifically perform music prenatal education.

How to do music prenatal education

Many people love to listen to, and everyone has different styles, and there are all kinds of music with different styles.For pregnant women, it is very good to perform music prenatal education during pregnancy. A wonderful music can not only cultivate sentiment, but also help the healthy development of the fetus in the abdomen.Next, I have collected several music prenatal education methods for everyone for your reference!

Music prenatal education method:

1. Use professional prenatal education equipment

With the progress of the scientific research of prenatal education, the professional equipment of various prenatal education has been invented. The scientificity of using special prenatal education equipment for prenatal education has also been recognized by scientists and parents at home and abroad.The playback equipment used in music prenatal education is very important.Due to the incomplete development of fetal cochlear, some harmless sounds to adults may also hurt the young ears of the fetus.The existing research results believe that it is best not to exceed 60 decibels to hearing the strength of the fetus and do not exceed 2000Hz frequencies.Ordinary CD players, speakers and other playback devices cannot control the volume audio size played by played, so in the past, pregnant women opened high -power speakers or placed ordinary earphones on the abdomen.fetus.

2. Humming resonance method

Pregnant women hum a few songs every day, preferably lyrical music, or cradle.When singing, you should be happy and emotional. Through the resonance of singing, your baby has a feeling of "the world is beautiful" and can get feelings and feel satisfaction.In addition, pregnant mothers will also produce many beautiful associations in the music appreciation every day, just like entering a wonderful realm, and this feeling can be transmitted to the fetus through the neuroscular fluid of pregnant women.

3. Infryment method of utensils

Put the headphones in the belly of the pregnant woman and play the favorite music of the fetus. It can also receive good results, but do not let the fetus be too tired every time.

4. Mother -in -law "sing" method

Although the fetus has hearing, it cannot sing after all. Pregnant women can imagine that the baby in his belly will sing.You can start from the notes, and then teach some simple scores, and by repeatedly teach, the fetus has a memory imprint.

Second, language prenatal education

Pregnant women or families use civilized, polite, and emotional languages. They have a purpose to speak to the fetus in the uterus, and give the fetal new leather printed in the new leather in the fetal period, and lay the foundation for the acquired learning.

How to language prenatalism:

There are two types of language prenatal education: recite lyrical method and dialogue.

1. Recite lyric method

According to experts, the fetus has hearing when it grows in the mother’s belly to 4 months. When it grows to 6 months, the hearing of the fetus is close to adults.At this time, prenatal education can indeed stimulate the growth of the fetus’s hearing organs and promote the development of the child’s brain.The specific method of reciting the lyric method is to read poems or words while singing with music accompaniment and songs to express the growth of the hearing organ of the fetus.

When many pregnant women recite lyrical prenatal education, they directly put the recorder, radio, etc. on the belly, and let the fetus listen to music themselves.This is not correct.Because at this time, the fetus’s cochlea is mature, but it is still very immature, especially the short fiber on the inner ear basement film is extremely delicate. If it is stimulated by high -frequency sounds, it is easily damaged by irreversible damage.

2. Dialogue fetal teaching method

In the eighth month of pregnancy until before production, it is the best time to implement prenatal education.Medical research has found that the fetal consciousness sprouts happen about 7 to 8 months of pregnancy. At this time, the fetal brain nerve of the fetus has developed to the same level as the newborn.Communicate it to all parts of the fetus.At this time, the cerebral cortex of the outer layer of the fetus is also very developed, so it is possible to determine the possibility of the fetus has the possibility of thinking, feelings, and memory.The specific method of dialogue prenatal education is to choose children’s stories, nursery rhymes, and children’s poems that you think you think are very interesting and can feel physically and mentally happy, and describe the people, things, things in the work detailed, and clearly, such as the color of the sunThe shape of the home, the clothes worn by the protagonist, and so on, let the fetus integrate into the world depicting the story.The story should avoid the theme of too violent and too passionate and sad. After selecting the content of the story, set the daily "storytelling time".Opportunities to communicate and interact with the fetus.

Third, stroke prenatal education

Touching prenatal education refers to the sense of consciousness, regularity, and planning to stimulate the fetal sense.Touching prenatal education can exercise the touch of the baby’s skin, and feel the stimulation of in vitro through the tactile nerve, thereby promoting the development of the baby’s brain cells, accelerating the intellectual development of the baby’s baby, and stimulating the enthusiasm of the baby’s activity, promoting the motor nervesDevelopment, baby that is often touched, is more sensitive to the external environment. After birth, the development of major sports such as turning over, grabbing, crawling, sitting, and walking can be obviously advanced.

Specific method of touching prenatal education:

In the case of completely looseness of the abdomen, the expectant mother strokes back and forth from top to bottom, from top to right.I can imagine that you really caress your hands on the cute little baby. There is a kind of joy and happiness, and you think about it affectionately: "Baby, mother really loves you", "Baby really comfortable" and so on.

Fourth, sports prenatal education

Sports prenatalism refers to the inhability and proper physical exercise and help fetal activities in a timely and appropriate manner to promote the healthy development of the fetal brain and muscles.Studies have shown that the fetus trained in the palace is trained in the palace, and the development of the actions such as turning over, sitting, crawling, walking, and jumping after birth is obviously earlier than ordinary babies.

How to exercise prenatal education:

There are various methods of sports taught, including pregnant women’s exercise, pregnant women yoga, prenatal education yoga, outdoor walking, swimming in pregnant women, etc.

1. Pregnant women exercise

Several simple pregnant women’s operations:

(1) Blowing and pulling exercise: exercise abdominal muscles.Postpartum recovered abdominal muscles can be restored.Lie on your back, bend your knees, stretch your fingers at 30cm from the mouth, and think of your fingers as candles, exhaling force to blow off the candlelight.

(2) Pelvic exercise: Relax the joints and muscles of the pelvis, make it flexible, and benefit the delivery.Broke up with one knee, slowly put your knees outward, 10 times on the left and right.Raise your knees, sway the left and right to the bed, and slowly relax, 10 times on the left and right.

(3) Clame: Relax of pubic bone combination and femoral joints, stretch the pelvic floor muscle group.The fetus can pass the birth canal smoothly.Sit straight, your feet are ten, pull your hands with your hands, and move your knees up and down like a butterfly wings, 10 times.In the same posture, inhale and straighten your back, exhale your body slightly forward, 10 times.

(4) Foot exercise: First put one leg on the other leg, then put it down, repeat 10 times, increase the height of each time, then change the other leg, repeat 10 times.Then clamp the legs inward, close the anus, raise the vagina, and relax.After repeating 10 times, put the lower leg on the leg and repeat 10 times.

(5) Abdominal muscle exercise: Exercise supports the abdominal muscles of the uterus.Single legs flexed, stretched, flexed, stretched, 10 times each.Bend your knees, lift it up, put down, lift it up, put down, 10 times on the left and right.

2. Pregnant yoga

(1) The benefits of practicing yoga for pregnant women:

Pregnant women practice yoga can enhance physical strength and muscle tension, enhance the body’s sense of balance, and improve the flexibility and flexibility of the entire muscle tissue.At the same time, it stimulates to control the gland secreted by hormones, accelerates blood circulation, and can control breathing well.In addition, yoga for abdominal exercises can help reshape the body postpartum.Pregnant women can practice different yoga postures, but they must be based on personal needs and comfort.But it should be noted that yoga is not the only way to make pregnancy and childbirth more secure.Practicing yoga can make this process easier and simple and help pregnant women maintain a peaceful attitude before production.

Pregnant yoga is a nursing activity.It takes time to slowly relax the body, relieve stress, and adapt to their bodies and rapidly growing babies in the body.It helps to maintain physical and mental health by gently practice.Pregnant women will be in a state of mental tension due to the constant changes in the body during pregnancy, especially the back of the back.Yoga exercises can balance the increased abdomen and maintain a good posture.Stretching and strong health can help open the pelvis before childbirth.By adjusting the bottom of the pot, you can better control delivery, reduce complications and accelerate postpartum recovery.

In the process of practice, your relationship with your baby will further deepen, whether in the body, emotional or spiritual.When you practice, you will notice that you are creating a new life and paying attention to the impact of this major life change.In this way, you will have a valuable pregnancy time.

(2) What you need to pay attention to is:

Pregnant women yoga is different from ordinary yoga. It is more soothing. It is only used to let you exercise. The advantage of pregnant women yoga is the first stage of pregnancy. Pregnant women do any effortless body exercises often cannot persist and finally give up. Pregnant women practice yoga.It can enhance physical and muscle tension, enhance the body’s sense of balance, increase the flexibility and flexibility of the entire muscle tissue, at the same time stimulate controlling the gonad secreted by hormones, increase blood circulation, accelerate blood circulation, and control breathing well.Practicing yoga can play the role of massage internal organs.From this point of view, pregnant women yoga has great benefits to pregnant women.

Experts suggest: Do not blindly trust the propaganda of the Yoga Museum.Pregnant women’s yoga varies from person to person, not everyone is suitable for everyone.Pregnant women should not simply copy ordinary yoga courses. Regardless of difficulty, length of exercise, or exercise, pregnant women must be particularly cautious, and the choice of movement must be carefully selected, and the baby’s safety must be absolutely guaranteed.

3. Pregnant yoga

Pregnant yoga is refined from traditional yoga. It is designed and arranged for the pregnancy cycle and physical condition of pregnant women and the characteristics of different stages of the fetus. It is a yoga that expectant mothers and the fetus in the abdomen.At the same time as yoga, prenatal education on the baby can not only achieve the purpose of exercising expectant mothers, but also promote the improvement of fetal intelligence.

(1) The benefits of practicing prenatal education yoga:

The benefits of prenatal education yoga for pregnant women are the same as the benefits of ordinary pregnant women yoga.In addition, prenatal education yoga is more obvious for the benefits of the fetus, and it is manifested as:

Enhance your baby’s physical fitness and develop your baby’s brain development potential.In the process of practicing prenatal yoga, pregnant women make the internal atmosphere of the body flow smoothly, and can provide babies with more oxygen and nutrition.Let the fetus and pregnant women exercise not only help the fetal limbs coordinate development, but also play a positive role in the development of various functions of the fetus, making the baby healthier and lively after birth.

It helps the baby’s intelligence level to improve, and form an optimistic, cheerful and sound character.Accepting the essence of prenatal education yoga will promote a large amount of fetal brain cells and increase the capacity of fetal brain, thereby achieving the purpose of improving the quality of the fetus and maximizing the intellectual potential.After the prenatal education of yoga and music, the baby not only has more obvious talents in art, language and other aspects. It has higher emotional intelligence and IQ. It is naturally optimistic and cheerful, has a sound personality, and has a higher physical fitness and better physical coordination.

(2) Note:

Pregnant yoga should be practiced between 15 weeks and 28 weeks. It is best to have professional teachers to guide, or practice with related yoga videos to do not practice at will.If there are any uncomfortable places in the process of prenatal education yoga, you should stop practicing immediately.Absolutely ensure the safety of the fetus.

4. Outdoor walk

(1) The benefits of outdoor walking:

Traveling is the most suitable exercise for pregnant women. It is not limited by conditions and can be carried out freely.When walking, breathing fresh air and enjoying the beauty of nature while enjoying the function of the cardiopulmonary and nervous system, promoting metabolism, and so that the leg muscles, abdominal wall muscles, and myocardial muscles can be exercised.After walking, slight and moderate fatigue will be produced, which can stabilize emotions, help enhance appetite and sleep, and can also change mood and eliminate irritability and depression.

For women during pregnancy, walking is one of the best ways to exercise cardiovascular blood vessels, because this can keep you healthy without harming your knees and ankles.In the nine months of pregnancy, you can always persist because it is absolutely safe. At the same time, if you have not tried a walk before pregnancy, it will be extremely simple.

In addition, the large increase in arterial blood and the acceleration of blood circulation have a good effect on the nutrition of body cells, especially the nutrition of myocardium.At the same time, in a walk, the ventilation of the lungs increased, and the breathing became deep.In view of the physiological characteristics of pregnant women, walking is an effective way to enhance the health of pregnant women and fetuses.

(2) Precautions for outdoor walking:

Pregnant women must first choose a walk when walking.The lush flowers and trees are the most ideal place.These places have fresh air, high oxygen concentration, and less dust and noise.Pregnant women walking in such a pleasant environment will undoubtedly be physically and mentally happy.You can choose some clean and secluded streets around your home as a walk.Be sure to avoid air dirty places, such as downtown areas, markets, and transportation, because walking in such places not only does not play a due role, but is harmful to the health of pregnant women and fetuses.

The time for walking is also important, it is best to choose in the early morning.You can also arrange the appropriate time according to your work and living conditions.It is best to ask your husband to accompany you when walking, which can increase the communication between husband and wife and cultivate the husband’s feelings for the fetus.When walking, wear loose and comfortable clothes and shoes.

(3) How to take a correct walk for pregnant women:

Pregnant women to take a good time -walking after a meal

Method of pregnant women after dinner 1: Soothing walking method

First of all, put some relaxed and soothing music, and then walk according to the rhythm. Do not pace too much. It is easy to feel comfortable and comfortable. At the same time, your arms naturally swing on the side of the body.The lungs are exhaled from the mouth) This walk can expand the lung function, and it can also exercise the breathing skills required during childbirth.

Method of pregnant women after dinner 2: Alternate walking method

The so -called alternation is the combination of fast and slow. First of all, start with slow walking, use slow walking warm -up, about 10 minutes.The second step, the pace is slightly accelerated, 1-2 minutes.The third step is to walk nearly a small run, 2 minutes.This cycle is 4-5 times, of which the second time has been reduced to 5 minutes. At the end, slowly walk for 5 minutes to relax the body.This can exercise the muscle strength of the legs and help naturally give birth.

Method of pregnant women after dinner three: Comprehensive walking method

On the basis of the second walk method, add physical movements to achieve the purpose of activity.For example, every cycle is finished, the legs are slightly fork to the hip width, the arms are raised to the same width as the shoulder, the palms are stretched forward, and then squatting 3-5 times at a constant speed;Turn to the side of the arm and squat at the same time.This process is also 3-5 times, and after changing the direction, the same.

5. Swimming in pregnant women

(1) The benefits of swimming in pregnant women:

Swimming during pregnancy is very beneficial to mothers. It can regulate your nervous system function, promote blood circulation, make you more adaptable to childbirth, reduce many discomfort caused by tension, alleviate certain pregnancy syndrome, such as such as some pregnancy syndrome, such asBack pain, hemorrhoids, and edema of the lower limbs.

Benefit 1: expectant mothers need soft exercise

Your ligaments and joints during pregnancy are more relaxed and softer than usual, so strenuous exercise may cause you harm.Therefore, exercise should be started in a softer adjustment method. Swimming is a softer exercise form.

Benefits 2: Drop the burden of weight

For expectant mothers, you have more than 20 pounds of pregnancy, and the pressure brought by the additional weight during exercise may feel uncomfortable in a certain part of the body.Essence

Benefit 3: Keep your body temperature relatively constant

Pregnant women during pregnancy are harmful to the fetus.Although you feel that your body temperature is not too high during exercise, you must remember that the fetus has no body temperature regulation mechanism, so if your body does not cool down, it may hurt the fetus.Swimming will not increase your body temperature too much

For a long time, pregnant women have been discouraged.It is believed that cold water can cause uterine contraction, cause abortion and premature birth.In contact with cold water, pregnant women can also shrink the capillaries of the peripheral, rise blood pressure, and cause pregnancy poisoning.Wang Yan, chief physician of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology of the General Hospital of the Air Force, told reporters that as long as the water temperature, exercise and swimming methods are mastered, there are many benefits to swimming in pregnant women.

(2) Preparation before swimming:

A. Choose water quality, cleanliness, filtering and disinfection equipment, and manage the swimming venues to ensure hygiene and safety during swimming.

b. Consider indoor temperature and ventilation to prevent colds from unwell conditions such as environmental temperature during exercise or rest.

C. Before swimming, you must apply for a health certificate. If you have heart disease, hepatitis, skin diseases and other diseases, you must prohibit swimming, deal with yourself, and be responsible for the health of others.

D. The water temperature of the swimming pool should not be too cold. Too cold water may cause uterine contraction or proteinuria;

E. Bathing should be taken before launching, and the sweat stains on your body should be washed away, so that you can quickly adapt to the water temperature and maintain the cleaning of the pool water.

f. Before swimming, supplement certain liquid food and nutrition.Pregnant women are easily dehydrated, which is caused by insufficient liquid supplement.Although people are in the water during swimming, after all, they are exercising. To consume your energy, you don’t feel obvious.

G. Do not be full or hungry before exercise.Excessive fullness increases the burden of the body, causes discomfort, insufficient energy replenishment of hunger, and dizziness is prone to occur.

H. You should move your body before launching to prevent leg cramps in water.

The benefits of sports prenatal education:

1. Change the relative position of the fetus and shake the amniotic fluid in the uterus to train the sense of balance of the fetus.

2. Promote blood circulation of the whole body and increase the blood supply to the placenta, which is conducive to the healthy development of the fetus.

3. Enhance the tension and elasticity of pregnant women’s abdominal muscles, back muscles, and pot bottom muscles, making their joints and ligaments relax and soft, which is conducive to normal pregnancy and smooth delivery of pregnant women.

4. Control the weight loss during pregnancy and help recover after delivery.

5. Lift the fatigue and discomfort of pregnant women to make it feel comfortable.

5. Light prenatal education

Light prenatal education refers to the prenatal education method that stimulates the baby’s baby to train the baby’s visual function through the light source.This is a simple way. It only needs a flashlight to complete. At the same time, it is very effective, because the fetal baby is more sensitive to the stimulation of light, and it can play the effect of training visual functions and stimulating exercise ability.In the way human obtained information, vision is undoubtedly the most important source of information, so vision is extremely important for humans, and visual stimulus also has an irreplaceable role in the development of the brain.The visual development of the fetus is also the most important influencing factor for the visual development of the fetus and the development of the brain.Therefore, the lighting preparation method of visual as the medium occupies an important position among many prenatal education.

How to light prenatal education:

Starting from 24 weeks of pregnancy, it is closely attached to the abdominal wall to illuminate the tire head of the pregnant woman, about 5 minutes each time. Before the end, it can be closed and turned on several times to facilitate the visual health of the fetus.


Although the light sources commonly used by prenatal education are flashlights (weak light), scientists in the United States have found that the best light source is not a flashlight.The light source for prenatal education should meet the following basic characteristics:

1. Good penetration, which can effectively penetrate the wall and uterus of pregnant women;

2. The strength of the light must be strictly controlled. It should not be too strong. If it is too strong, it will damage the nerves; it cannot be too weak. If it is too weak, it cannot achieve the necessary stimulus;

3. The light color must be soft, the fetal optic nerve is very immature, and the selected light source must not be too dazzling;

The front flashlight mostly uses white LED light -emitting diode. This white light penetrates weak, the brightness is too strong, too dazzling, and the light intensity cannot be well controlled. The vision of the fetus may cause unnecessary damage.

Based on these basic situations, the safest choice is yellow light with a wavelength of 570nm.The following obvious advantages choose Huang Guang:

1. Huang Guang is the most sensitive light visual light. In the case of the same light, the eyes are sensitive to the light (yellow light) of the 570nm wavelength (yellow light) of 20 times red or blue;

2. The yellow light has a scattered effect, and its scattering effect is 5 times the red light, while the green, blue light, and purple light are stronger than the yellow light scattering, but the wavelength is short and the light color is darker;

3. Huang Guang is warm -colored, which is beneficial to the psychological development of the fetus, and it is easy to make the fetus a sense of pleasure.Blue, green, and purple light not only darkened, but also cold -colored light, which is not good for the psychological development of the fetus.

4. The yellow light is soft, and it is not advisable to cause visual fatigue.The fetal optic nerve is immature, the red and white light brightness, the light color is dazzling, and it is easy to harm the fetal optic nerve.Due to the scattering of yellow light, it can spread a large yellow halo in front of the beam. The abdominal cavity wall and the placenta of the pregnant woman are scattered a large amount of red capillaries.It is said that it can be effective and not dangerous.


In details such as the length and frequency of light, it is recommended to pay attention to the following issues:

1. Do not apply prenatal education during the baby’s sleep, which will affect his normal physiological cycle.At 8-9 o’clock or 9-10 in the evening, the active time of fetal movement is better.

2. When light, you can cooperate with words. Comprehensive benign stimulus is more beneficial to fetal baby.

3. Do not put the flashlight on the navel, and to illuminate the abdomen, mainly two or three horizontal fingers under the palace.

4. Light prenatal education is better at 3-5 minutes each time, and it should not exceed 12 minutes.

Questions and controversy

Light prenatal education has no effect on the development of fetal visual function.At about the eighth month of the embryo, the ten layers of retina were basically formed. At birth, the fetal eyes had only light, and nothing could be seen. At 4 months after birth,Areas -macular development is mature.When the anatomical structure of the baby’s eyes has matured, the outside world needs to give full "visual experience", and the normal visual function can be obtained after the day after tomorrow.

Generally speaking, the fetus and newborn are more afraid of strong light stimulation. Pregnant women do not understand whether the fetus in the abdomen is awakened or sleeping, and forcibly perform light stimulation, but may affect the quality of the fetus sleep quality and growth and development.The red light of the flashlight belongs to the long wave light and may cause damage to the fetus’s eyes.Specific mothers need to be cautious for prenatal education and should not be implemented.It is better to go out to the sun and breathe fresh air, which is helpful for the mood of pregnant women and the movement of the fetus.

In theory, the fetus has a sense of light. If you want to adopt this method, it is best to have a mature fetal development after 36 weeks of the fetus. You can illuminate the fetus for about 10 seconds every night and repeat 2 to 3 times."The fetus also has a physiological cycle, and it is very peaceful in the mother’s body. If the fetal environment is peaceful, the fetus will be anxious."

Taboos of prenatal education

1. Avoid unreasonable exercise education movement is an effective method of prenatal education, but it cannot be unreasonable.When making a exercise contact with the fetus, you should gently caress the fetus. The suitable frequency is 2-4 times a day. Sometimes the fetus will be too lazy to be a healthy mother. In this case, the pregnant mother must wait patiently for the fetal response.EssenceWhen doing sports prenatal education, the movement should not be too big and too strong.

2. Avoid bad emotional pregnant mothers’ emotional state will affect the development of the fetus.Pregnant mothers are comfortable and stable, which is conducive to a good temperament formed after the birth of the fetus.If the pregnant mother is nervous, emotional, and moody, the hormone secretion in the body is abnormal, which will endanger the fetal brain development.Therefore, pregnant mothers should pay special attention to their emotions and try to keep their mood happy.

3. Avoid noise and noise will disordinate the function of the mothers’ endocrine glands, which causes the oxytococcal hormone secreted by the pituitary gland, causing the uterus to shrink strongly, resulting in abortion or premature birth.Pregnant women should stay away from the surrounding noise, try not to be affected by noise, and avoid listening to the sound of shock ears.

4. Avoid unreasonable language education and language prenatal education, pregnant mothers can speak with an appropriate amount of volume to the fetus in the body, you can read poetry, calculate numbers or humming songs.Do not scold loudly, otherwise the fetus will cause anxiety and irritability.The fetus will become nervous after birth, and even dislike and hostile language.

The above is a direct prenatal education mainly introduced some of the methods of pregnant mothers to affect the growth and development of the fetus. I have time to communicate with you the indirect prenatal education.That is, the mother maintains a "happy mood", and the joyful mood runs through, and it will avoid complications such as abortion and fetal malformations.

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