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do you know?There are pubic lice on your eyes!You did not hear it right. This is what college student Xiao Zhou experienced himself.

In order to help reduce the burden at home, Xiao Zhou took advantage of the summer vacation to move bricks on the construction site to make part -time tuition fees. Soon after, he found that his eyes were itchy, and his eye drops did not work.A clinic of an ophthalmology hospital.

The test results were shocked by the doctor: Xiao Zhou’s eyelid edges were covered with a large amount of secretions, with worms hidden inside, and a large number of oval structures on the eyelashes. When the worm was placed under a microscope, it was found that it turned out to be pubic liceIntersectionDoctors speculate that Xiao Zhou’s eyes have pubic lice, which may be related to the unhygienic living environment on the construction site.

After reading, do you have a tingling scalp with Xiao Jiuyi, and at the same time, you will also have questions: "I only heard about head lice, what’s the matter with this pubic lice?"

Pacurus is actually an in vitro parasite. It is about 1 ~ 2mm long. The size of the sesame is a bit like a crab. Its "living" place is mainly in the private place, and of course, sometimes it is also running under the armpit and eyelashes.

They live with blood blood, and they need to take blood 4 to 5 times a day. Before blood blood, they need to use claws to pierce the skin to the skin, bite with lice mouth and inject saliva to prevent blood solidification. These mechanical stimulus will disturb people’s skin peripheral nerves, soCauses itching.

Therefore, itching is a typical symptom of pubic lice disease. It is usually paroxysmal, and itching at night will increase.

If the skin is more sensitive when the skin is blood -sucking, a local allergic reaction will occur, causing the skin to become red, epidermis up, rash, and even itching.Letis and even folliculitis and eczema.

Injecting the saliva is the part of the biting part of the biting part of the bite, some patients will also appear blue -gray spots on the chest and abdomen, the inner side of the stock, etc.Essence

So why is human infection with pubic lice?There are two main ways to spread.

Sexual life is one of them.In the process of living in the same room, pubic lice can be transferred to the partner, leading to pubic lice disease, so pubic lice disease is also a kind of sexually transmitted disease.

Indirect contact is the second.When a toilet, towels, bedding, and bathtubs are shared with patients with pubic lice, pubic lice is also transmitted.

What should I do when I am infected with pubic lice?The suggestions provided in the Passal Lice Management Guide released by European Dermatology and STDs in 2017 are: apply 1%chrysanthemids to the affected area, wash it in 10 minutes, and use 7 to 10 days in a row.

Of course, the portable clothing must also be disinfected at high temperature, and the underwear and other personal clothes are best to change, and it is far from the environment with poor sanitary conditions.

Pacurus is itchy, and the following diseases may also be the reason why you privacy itching.

1. Scrotal

Scrotum folds, many hair follicles, poor breathability, easy to humid, so it is easy to be infected.Scrotalitis is mostly inflammatory on the surface of the scrotal surface, such as eczema, fungal infection, skin lesions, and local hair follicle inflammation. It is mainly caused by fungus infection or vitamin B infection or lack of vitamin B in white.

Itching sensation is usually experienced after scastitis. After scratching, irregular polygonal or flat round pimples are prone to occur after scratching. The surface is smooth, dry and solid.With deepening the degree, pimples are fused into moss -like spots, which may be desquamated, and continuing scratching will cause bleeding and even erosion.

When treatment, it is necessary to treat the treatment according to the cause, and when the itching sensation is very heavy, you can use the iconic grass -based bacterial gel to relieve itching, which contains Curdia oil and borneol, especially for Golden Polygange and Candida of Candida Candida.Good bacteria effect.

2. vaginitis

Vaginitis can be said to be a "enemy of a lifetime". As the most common gynecological inflammation, women may have to deal with it from time to time. Especially the types of vaginalitis like moldy vaginitis make many women suffer.

The most typical symptom of mold vaginitis is vulvar itching, bean dregs -like leisure, and may also be accompanied by vaginal pain, burning sensation, sexual intercourse pain, and dysuria.During the treatment, the local treatment of Bikai Bao Woman can be used. It can play the role of qi and stasis, and relieve pain and relieving pain. It is suitable for those who have a large amount, yellow yellow, and itching in the pussy.

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