What is the alkaline of 8.5 during pregnancy?It is not desirable to speculate on the pH value of the urine test

Due to physical physical problems, pregnant women should pay more attention to things as groups that should be protected.The physical condition of pregnant women is also the most concerned about the family, and women during the first pregnancy usually have various physical fitness.So, what is the problem with pregnant women’s urine tests?

Most of people’s normal fresh urine is weakly acidic, and if it is alkaline, it may be a problem with the recent diet.Women must pay attention to their diet properly during pregnancy.For the healthy development of the baby in the stomach, the diet should be nutritious and easy to digest.During pregnancy, the occurrence of urine tests is 8.5. It is most likely caused by excessive alkaline food intake.

There are many rumors during pregnancy. One of the rumors is that some elderly people speculate on boys and girls based on the pH value of pregnant women’s urine tests, but this is not basically not accurate. Sometimes the pH of the urine test will change according to the diet in recent days.of.Therefore, do not blindly determine the gender of the fetus based on the urine test, and do not easily believe in other rumors.Make pregnant women in a healthy and safe living environment.

Although the urine test is not a big problem, it is also important to get attention. Women should eat more protein foods, vegetables, and fruits during pregnancy to ensure the intake of various fruit elements.Pay attention to the combination of nutrition, do not eat foods that are cold, spicy and stimulate the stomach, less salt and alkaline foods to avoid uneven acid and alkali in the body.Smoking and drinking habits should also be prohibited during pregnancy.

Women are happy and fragile during pregnancy. At this time, the family should give pregnant women more care and care. In order to have a healthy baby, pregnant women should maintain a happy mood.Keep enough sleep for 8-9 hours a day.Daily health care is very important. Pregnant women need to wear some loose and comfortable clothes, and appropriate activities can promote the blood circulation of pregnant women and fetuses.

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