What is the black line on the stomach after pregnancy?When will it disappear?

There are many human changes in many science fiction movies, such as: When a life mutation, a black line may appear, which marks the change of it and the previous state.

After watching such sci -fi variation movies, there will be a black line that will slowly grow on their stomach after pregnancy.As a result, some Baoma was panicked for this. In fact, the mothers need not be too anxious.After pregnancy, Baoma will grow a black line one after another, and sometimes it looks thick and dark, and it is not beautiful at all.

But this black line is our friend, and it also has a nice name called "pregnancy line".

Although the pregnancy lines that each Baoma grows after pregnancy is different, for example: some Baoma’s pregnancy line is long, and some treasure mothers have short pregnancy lines, some thick, some thin, etc.This is because the physical fitness between Baoma is different, and the degree of secretion of hormone changes during pregnancy is different, and the result is the result.

When did the pregnancy line grow?

There may be some treasure mothers who think that they have grown up after pregnancy, but they are not.Everyone has a faint black line.It is just that after pregnancy, this black line is changed by hormones secreted by the body.Therefore, in the process of pregnancy, the shapes are different.

If at this time, the husband laughed with a black line on his belly, then the mothers can also fight back: If you have a beer belly, this black line will be obvious.

Is there any effect on the pregnancy line?

The pregnancy line may be a line used to determine the position of the surgical position in the eyes of a doctor.For example: After some treasure mothers choose to have a caesarean section, the main sword doctor may determine the lines required during the surgery according to the location of the pregnancy line.

There are also some people who come here: they can judge the child’s gender through the shape and location of the pregnancy line.Although this is a statement without scientific basis, it has caused a lot of curiosity of Baoma.

When will the pregnancy line disappear?

First of all, we need to emphasize that everyone has this black line on each person, but after pregnancy, the mothers are darkened, thicker, and longer due to hormone secretion problems in the body.

At about a year after production, Baoma may slowly disappear this very obvious pregnancy line.What’s more, Baoma needs to keep warm after giving birth.Therefore, under the supervision of the family, it will not let the mothers wear some exposed umbilical outfits just after giving birth.Therefore, Baoma has time to restore the pregnancy line on the stomach to the state before pregnancy. There is no need to worry too much about this line that will be ugly.

What is the probability of emergence on the pregnancy line?

According to statistics, about 90%of the mothers in life are pregnant, the status of the pregnancy line will become very obvious, and about 10%of the treasure mothers are still not obvious after pregnancy.

Therefore, there are also many Baoma say that they have two babies, and they have not found traces of the pregnancy line.

There are also some beautiful mothers who love beauty, and they will resist because of a long black and black pregnancy line on their bulging belly: it is too ugly, and even a little dirty illusion.In fact, give it some time, the pregnancy line will always disappear.

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