What is the cause of semen without liquefaction and how to treat it?

What is the liquefaction of semen?

When some men came to the hospital for routine semen examination, they found that semen was not liquefied.

Generally speaking, normal semen is liquefied when it is ejected, and immediately forms jelly-like or condensate-shaped, and resume liquefaction after 5-20 minutes.

The starting state of liquefaction is to facilitate ejaculation, and then it becomes jelly -shaped to allow semen to stay in women’s vagina without flowing out. Linerification is to allow the sperm in the semen to fully move in order to follow the female reproductive tract towards the fallopian tube.Swimming is conducive to the combination of essence and fertilization.

If the semen is not liquefied 1 hour after the semen is ejected, it is called semen non -liquefaction.

The semen does not liquefy restricted sperm activity, slowing or suppressing sperm into the uterine cavity fertilization and causing infertility.

The increased sperm viscosity will affect the vitality and survival rate of sperm.

At the same time, the protein dissolved enzyme contained in semen can make thick cervical mucus liquefaction. Therefore, increased semen viscosity can also affect the ability of sperm penetration of cervical mucus and cause infertility.

Common causes of semen non -liquefaction:

1. The lack of trace elements

If trace elements in men such as magnesium and zinc are lacking, this is an important reason for the sperm non -liquefaction.

2. Congenital disease

Many congenital diseases can cause men to be semen without liquefaction.

3. Irregular life

Bad living habits, staying up late for a long time, are likely to cause semen to not liquefy, causing male infertility.

In short, the cause of semen does not liquefy is multiple aspects. If not treated in time, it may lead to infertility in men, so early detection and early treatment should be found.

Clinical symptoms of semen non -liquefaction:

1. The semen will be sticky, or the jelly is presented, and it will appear flakes, blocks, and dumplings. It will not be liquefied for more than an hour in vitro.

2. Symptoms of ejaculation difficulties, accompanied by sperm sperm pain, blood essence and other manifestations, and even the phenomenon of yang WE, early crabs, and nocturnal emission.

3. As a result, the mental state is not good and neurofex, such as insomnia, palpitations, dizziness, fatigue, etc., not only that, but also some complications.

How to treat semen without liquefaction?

Semen is not liquefied, usually caused by the abnormal prostate protein hydrolytic enzymes caused by various reasons.Chronic prostatitis is the most common cause.

1. Thoroughly treat the prostitutional lesions such as prostatitis and sperm failure, and restore its normal function.

2. Antibiotics.Antibiotics that are sensitive to Gram -negative bacteria, such as the second or third -generation cephalosporin, and L -Chinese.

3. Meinase treatment.Mistinase can promote the hydrolysis of protein in semen, thereby achieving the purpose of liquefaction.

In addition, in daily life, pay attention to adjusting diet structure, supplementing protein, zinc supplementation, selenium, insisting on exercise, and not using drugs.

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