What is the effect of progesterone in the early stages of pregnancy?

The following effects of lutenone in the human body:

1. In the late menstrual cycle, the inner body of the uterine mucosa grows, the uterus is congested, and the endometrium is thickened, preparing for the implantation of fertilized eggs.After implantation of fertilized eggs, the placenta is produced, and the excitement of the pregnancy uterus is reduced, the activity is suppressed, and the fetus is safe.

2. Under the action with estrogen, the breasts are fully developed and prepared for milk production.

3. Close the cervix mouth, reduce the mucus thickening, and make the sperm difficult to penetrate; in a large dose, through the negative feedback effect of the hypothalamus, inhibit the secretion of the pituitary gonadotropin, and produce an ovulation effect.

4. Competitive anti -aldehyde solid ketone, promoting the excretion of sodium ions and chloride ions to diuretic.

5. It has a mild increase in body temperature to make the luteal phase base temperature higher in the menstrual cycle.

What is the effect of progesterone in the early stages of pregnancy?

1. Welon inhibitory contractions

Some people think that progesterone can change the permeability of ions in the uterine muscle cell membrane, so that the membrane is in a super polarized state, thereby reducing the excitement of the uterine muscle.Sensitivity.Therefore, the pregnancy uterus will not cause severe and progressive contraction, the embryo is not affected, and pregnancy can be maintained.Based on this, progesterone is commonly used clinically.

Some people also hold the opposite opinion, thinking that experiments have proven that progesterone suppresss the excitement of the uterine muscle, but it is in vitro conditions, and the dose for experiments far exceeds the physiological concentration.In addition, when treating a pioneering abortion, the two -blind method is used to find the effect of progesterone and placebo.

2. Modern ketone maintains a decapyles reaction

Millar cells are transformed from the endometrium interstitial cells, which contains glycogen particles for bubble nutrition.Injecting "Rabbit Anti -Rat Moral Lyrosal Serum" can cause miscarriage, indicating the importance of moltenness in maintaining pregnancy.Removal of the bilateral ovarian of the fake pregnancy -induced reaction animals can cause liquefaction of molten necrosis; if exogenous progesterone is given, the deciduous degeneration can be prevented.It can be seen that progesterone is necessary for maintaining a molt reaction.

3. Welon inhibitory immune response

Pregnancy eggs are a "semialLograft", but why is it not affected by the mother’s immune exclusion during bed?Some people have found that some tumor cells are transplanted into the animal uterine cavity. Only animals injected with progesterone can not be excluded and implanted to the uterine wall, indicating that progesterone can inhibit immune response.It can be explained that during normal pregnancy, increased progesterone can prevent the embryo from being rejected by the mother and maintaining pregnancy.If progesterone is insufficient, embryos are like foreign bodies, which are rejected by the mother.

In short, progesterone is necessary for maintaining pregnancy, so it is called "pregnancy" hormone.Regardless of its pregnancy mechanism, it must always be combined with the receptor of the target tissue, the endometrium cells, to effect.The synthesis of progesterone receptors is mainly promoted by estrogen.Therefore, the role of progesterone depends on the collaboration of estrogen; and estrogen can also stimulate ovarian luteal synthesis and secrete progestin.

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