What is the fetal development of the fetus at 9 months of pregnancy?33 to 36 weeks of pregnancy soared so much

33 to 36 weeks of pregnancy, according to the medical definition, it is 9 months of pregnancy and it has been more than 8 months.The development of these weeks is quite rapid. Let’s talk about the development of these weeks.

Development index of 33 weeks to 36 weeks

1, 33 weeks development indicators:

The baby is 43 cm long and weighs 2000g.The double diameter is 8.50 ± 0.47cm, the abdominal circumference is 27.78 ± 2.30cm, and the femoral length is 6.42 ± 0.46cm.

2, 34 weeks development indicators:

The baby is 44.5 cm long and weighs 2500g.The double diameter is 8.61 ± 0.63cm, the abdominal circumference is 27.99 ± 2.55cm, and the femoral length is 6.62 ± 0.43cm.

3, 35 weeks development indicators:

The baby is 46 cm long and weighs 2500g.The double diameter is 8.70 ± 0.55cm, the abdominal circumference is 27.99 ± 2.55cm, and the femoral length is 6.62 ± 0.43cm.

4, 36 weeks development indicators:

47 cm long and weighing 2700g.The double -top diameter is 8.81 ± 0.57cm, the abdominal circumference is 29.44 ± 2.83cm, and the femoral length is 6.95 ± 0.47cm.

Development of 33 to 36 weeks

1, 33 weeks of development

The fetal fat fat is thickened a lot, the body is more rounded, and the skin is no longer so red.

Some fetal hair is thick, and some are relatively sparse.

The fetal fingernail covers the fingers, and the toenails cover the toes.

Some male fetuses are reduced into the scrotum, while others have not yet.The development of private parts of female fetuses is also close to maturity.

The fetal respiratory system and digestive system are close to maturity.

Note: From this week, there will be amniotic fluid rupture at any time. Pay attention to distinguish amniotic fluid and urine to prevent the fetus from dangerous.

2, 34 weeks of development

The bone of the whole body becomes strong, but the skull is relatively soft. You must know that the gap between the skulls can be prepared through the birth canal when giving birth.Some fetuses are strongly squeezed when they are born, and their heads are pressed into cone -shaped, but they will soon recover. Don’t worry.

Most fetuses fix the fetal position with their heads down, and some are close to the cervical mouth, and they are ready to enter the pot.If the baby’s fetal position is not fixed, it is not possible to find a way to correct the fetal position.

Note: The fetus will give birth at any time. You must prepare the birth pack and go to the hospital to learn about the situation in advance.

3, 35 weeks of development

The space of the uterus is getting smaller and smaller, and the fetus is getting larger and larger. Now it can only curl up in the uterus, but there are still many small movements, and some are even more severe than before.

Most of the fetus’s body is developed, the two kidneys are fully developed, the liver can metabolize some waste, the nervous system and the immune system are continuing to develop, the lung development is quite good, and now they can breathe independently.

The abilities of the fetus are almost the same as the newborn, but they can’t cry yet.

Note: The weight growth of the fetus enters the peak period, and pay attention to supplementing nutrition.

4. Development of 36 weeks

The fetal hair and fetal fat on the fetus began to fall off, mixed with amniotic fluid, swallowed by the fetus, and "tires" accumulated into black substances in the intestine, so the baby will be discharged from a few days of birth.what.

After the fetal hair and fetal quality fall off, the skin of the fetus becomes delicate and smooth.The ability of the face to suck the muscles is enhanced, and the fetus’s face has become round.

Note: Pregnant mothers must pay attention to protect themselves, do not do dangerous actions, pay attention to safety to prevent safety when going upstairs, bathing, and doing housework.

In short, 9 months of pregnancy, 33 to 36 weeks of pregnancy, the fetus has more complete development and began to prepare for childbirth.

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