What is the four reasons for pregnant women to fart?

Pregnant women love farting is the characteristics of pregnancy during pregnancy

After pregnancy, women in pregnant women have increased progesterone content. Due to the effect of progesterone, gastrointestinal peristalsis, reduced gastric acid secretion, and easily cause flatulence, so they always fart and exhaust.Then in the middle and late pregnancy, the uterus expanded, compressed to the intestines, making the intestines not easily move, and the metabolism of pregnant women was heavier than normal people, and the burden on the spleen and stomach increased. This continued to obstruct digestion.One feature of pregnant women during pregnancy.

Pregnant women like farting may be food that has eaten flatulence

If pregnant women eat more difficult -to -digest carbohydrates, they will always want to fart through the digestion of bacteria, and they will always want to fart.Foods that often cause bacteria fermentation to form gases include lactose, maltose, fructose, beer, sweet potato, onion, cabbage, beans, bananas, corn, white radish, potatoes, eggs, and even barley and oats.In order to reduce the symptoms of farting, pregnant mothers can try to avoid eating these prone bloating foods on their normal diet.

Pregnant women like farting may be a stomach problem

There may also be more farting due to abnormal gastrointestinal digestive function. The micro -environment in the gastrointestinal tract changes, causing a large number of germ bacon to reproduce, so there are symptoms of qi.Gastrointestinal abnormalities may be caused by the following diseases, such as gastritis, digestive ulcers and other gastric diseases, liver, gallbladder, pancreatic diseases, and so on.

If pregnant women fart are more serious, it should be considered whether pregnant women suffer from "irritable colorectal syndrome". This disease will also have abdominal pain, abdominal rising, and farting. Pregnant women should go to the hospital in time.

Pregnant women like farting may be because their diet habits are not good

If the pregnant mother swallowed when eating, and too much habitual swallowing, she often swallowed and drool, and the air that has more intake can easily lead to a lot of farts.These are not pathological, no need to treat, just eat a small amount of meals in the diet. Do not overeating. When eating, you should chew slowly.

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