What is the harm to men during menstruation?

Can’t do the room during menstruation, know the cut?

Many people think that because of hygiene issues, the blood spiny is buried.

However, hygiene problems are easy to solve after all, and there are special mats, throw it after use, clean and hygienic.

So someone tried to overcome the addiction, but I want to tell you a cruel truth:

There are risks for menstrual houses, more than one, but not only for women, but also men!

The old men are paying attention (please go to each other)!

The first is of course a woman who faces risks.

According to a survey published in the magazine published in China Sexually Diseases in 2018, after analyzing and comparing the reproductive tract infections and risk factors of 365 women of childbearing age, it is found that the menstrual running houses are likely to lead to reproductive system infections, and the degree of danger is even better than thatThe impact of having multiple male partners is higher.

When women’s menstruation comes, the cervix is open; if at this time, it is likely to cause these situations:

Extension of menstruation and increased bleeding:

The menstrual houses will cause the female genitals to be congested and the uterine shrinkage, which will cause the menstrual blood volume to increase, causing the lower abdomen to fall in pain. At the same time, it will also extend the menstrual period and increase the symptoms of discomfort during menstruation.

Infection gynecological inflammation:

There are some bacteria on the surface of men’s genitals and near the vaginal port. These pathogenic bacteria are easily brought into the female reproductive tract when they are in a house.

At the same time, menstrual blood is a very good bacterial dish. These pathogenic bacteria are likely to usher in a wave of explosive breeding in the female reproductive tract.

Bacteria enters the uterine cavity along the opening of the open cervix, infected with endometrium, which may cause endometritis.It is also possible that through many tiny wounds and rupture small blood vessels spread to fallopian tubes and pelvic cavity, leading to a series of gynecological inflammation.

The consequences caused by menstrual houses may not only be infection, but also the following problems:


When menstruation comes, the endometrium is affected to fall off, forming fragments.

Unfortunately, after the crushed block was brought into the abdominal and pelvic cavity, it would easily cause adhesion.

It may also affect the normal ovulation function of women, and egg development will cause obstacles.

Both situations can cause female infertility.

In addition, symptoms such as dysmenorrhea, pelvic pain, and abnormal menstruation may occur.

Immune infertility

During menstruation, there are wounds in the palace of women.If the "small tadpoles (sperm)" ejected by men at this time enter the women’s blood through the wounds in the palace, it may cause a female immune system to produce antibodies.

Once this antibody is produced, the "small tadpoles" entering the woman’s body will be condensed into a group. It cannot spread the activity. It is difficult to swim to the eggs, causing this immune infertility.

Especially when women find that there are no other physical problems after examination, it is likely to be a ghost of immune infertility.

The older men do n’t feel that they do n’t have menstruation or bleeding, so they can be spared.

If in the fierce "exercise", the men’s companion’s menstrual blood and secretions carry pathogenic microorganisms into the male urethra, and may also cause men to have urinary tract infections, resulting in a series of symptoms such as frequent urination, swelling of the urethra, burning sensation, and other symptoms.Essence

Therefore, whether it is a man or a woman during the period, there are certain risks.

It ’s all here. Today, I’ m paying a lot of knowledge.

Isn’t menstruation? Isn’t it already finished eggs?At this time, I will definitely not get pregnant.

This idea is quite dangerous!

The menstruation you think may not be true · menstruation

For women with menstruation, menstrual periods have grown up and excreted without egg cells.

At this time, the probability of pregnancy is really small.

But for women with severe menstruation, "menstruation" does not necessarily mean that it has been eaten.

Functional disorders of uterine bleeding and ovulation bleeding during ovulation will cause vaginal bleeding. If they mistakenly believe that they are "menstruation", "menstrual period" in the same room, it is likely to get pregnant.

Don’t underestimate your "little tadpole" survival time

Under normal circumstances, one time ejaculation can send 20 million to 60 million "small tadpoles" into women’s body. After these "small tadpoles" enter the vagina, they can survive for 3 to 4 days, and there are certain insemination capabilities within 1 to 2 days.Essence

If Xiao Yan happened to enter the woman’s body during the same room, and after the menstrual period, it encountered ovulation in advance, then it was likely to get pregnant.

Therefore, it is really unreliable to be pregnant without contraception during the menstrual period.

,️ If you can’t help but fight blood, give you a few small Tips to prevent infection: Cleaning in place: Try to clean the key parts of both men and women to avoid inducing infection.Bring a good set: On the one hand, you can try to minimize the possibility of infection, and on the other hand, you can also prevent "small tadpoles" from entering the female body and cause immune infertility.Communication in place: This is a matter for both husband and wife, and we must do it on the basis of each other.It is easy to stop: If pain and other conditions occur, please take it in time.

Despite this, it is still unavoidable. It is really not recommended that everyone do "exercise" in the special period of women.

One day monkeys are anxious, you are not monkeys.



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