What is the impact on the new mother during lactation?

Medical Guidance: Bresident of Gynecology and Xiu Kui, the Gynecology and Hao Kui of the Guangdong Provincial Maternal and Child Health Hospital

Regarding whether contraception is required for lactation, most people think that menstruation has not been recovered during postpartum breastfeeding, and it is a "safe period", so contraceptive measures can be taken during lactating sex.So, is breastfeeding really a "safe period"?

The answer is negative, because the unreparald tide of menstruation during breastfeeding does not mean that no ovulation is ovulated.

The postpartum menstrual tide and ovulation time are affected by breastfeeding. Generally speaking, mothers who do not breastfeed after childbirth can restore ovulation and menstruation at 6-10 weeks after delivery.Inhibit ovulation, the time of menstruation and ovulation will be relatively delayed. Some mothers have not been in menstruation during breastfeeding, but in fact, many of them have resumed ovulation 4-6 months after giving birth.The mother has even returned to ovulation earlier, and mothers with postpartum menstrual periods are more late and more ovulation before menstruation.Therefore, it is too late to consider the problem of contraception after the first menstrual period after giving birth.

After giving birth to a baby, her mother’s physique is still very weak. During this period of time, she not only needs to raise her body, but also needs to take care of the baby who is waiting to be fed. If this will be pregnant again, it will undoubtedly increase her mother’sCracks to make it more physically and mentally exhausted.

Moreover, the recovery of the mother’s body after giving birth takes a period of time. Taking the uterus that changes the most during the entire puercle as an example, it takes about 6 weeks to recover, and the interval is too short.On the endometrium, if there is a miscarriage such as abortion and complications such as uterine perforation, bleeding, many hidden health hazards will be buried if you continue to pregnancy, such as susceptibility, premature birth, placenta adhesion, and implantation.For mothers after cesarean section, risks such as scar pregnancy and uterine rupture are prone to pregnancy after giving birth.

Therefore, during postpartum breastfeeding sex, mothers must also take contraceptive measures. Do not have a fluke, and postpartum sex life should not start too early.It is best to start after 3 months before the cesarean section.

So, what appropriate contraceptive measures can be taken during breastfeeding?

1. Aphrodisiac

The condom is to prevent the combination of sperm and eggs in a non-drug way to achieve the effect of contraception, so there are almost no side effects, and if it is correctly used, the contraceptive success rate can be as high as 93%-95%. Then, how to use it correctlyWoolen cloth?Before using a condom, choose a well -quality and suitable model. At the same time, carefully check whether it is damaged before use, and be sure to wear it before the start of the sex life, and then remove it after the end to avoid the semen leaks out and it will not leak out.Cause accidental pregnancy

2. contraceptives

Contraceptives mainly use hormones to inhibit ovulation ovulation, change the cervical endocrine mucus, and make sperm and eggs unable to synthesize fertilized eggs to achieve the effect of contraceptives. If the compound short -acting oral contraceptive pill is used correctly, the contraceptive rate can reach 100%, and irregularity is irregular.When taking it, it will affect the efficacy, the so -called "one pregnant for three years".

Many pregnant mothers often feel that memory is not as good as before. When using contraceptives and contraception, it is inevitable that the method of contraceptives and contraceptives is not the first choice for postpartum mothers.Moreover, because contraceptives can also inhibit milk secretion, the composition can also be entered into the baby’s body through milk and affects the baby’s health. Therefore, there are breastfeeding mothers, which is not recommended to use this contraceptive method.

3. Putting a birthpool in the palace

Putting a birthpool in the palace, which is commonly known as the "upper ring", is a copper or medicine -containing birthpool in the palace. The effect of contraception by interfere with the sperm egg bed is also a kind of postpartum mothers can considerEffective contraceptive method.

Moms who are preparing to choose a birthplace contraceptive in the palace can be placed 42 days after birth (smooth delivery) or 3 months after delivery (cesarean section) to place pregnancy.Of course, it is not a lot of everything after placing the in -palace. During the loop, you still need to pay attention to regular B -ultrasound checks to avoid the embarrassment of the ring position or falling off and causing "ring conception".

(Correspondent: Lin Huifang)

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