What is the most strange baby dream after pregnancy?Bao Ma: The child gave himself a good name!

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In other words, after every female friend, after pregnancy, she has more or less experienced "fetal dreams". In the dream, there are all kinds of strange things, which makes people admire.

In fact, since ancient times, whether it is Western or Eastern countries, it has attached great importance to the dream of fetal dreams, because of the dream of fetal dreams, and the parents have also pinned their parents’ prayer and hope for their children’s birth, and have auspicious and beautiful meaning.

Today, let’s share the strange fetal dreams that pregnant mothers have done during the October pregnancy. Come and see if you have such a strange experience!

@: When I was 4 months pregnant, I had a baby dream, very clear, dreamed of a baby, and then told me in the dream, what I was named, and then I gave it the next dayMy husband said, the child’s name is taken, and my husband wondered: Who started?I said: The child gives himself the name!

@小: During the whole pregnancy, I never had a dream of fetal, but my husband, basically dreaming every day, sometimes dreaming of a snake, sometimes dreaming of falling into the ditch, etc. I sometimes evenSuspected, who was pregnant, and then the baby was born, and he was a daughter. Some friends said: No wonder your husband has a baby dream, you and your daughter are love rivals in the last life!

@: 3 months of pregnancy, one day I dreamed of participating in the long -distance running competition, and then when I ran to the end, the referee distributed gifts. I opened the box to see it. It was a sika deer. I asked: Is it a girl?The referee said yes. As a result, the child was born with a girl, but like a "false boy", the baby dream is sometimes quite accurate.

@小: There are 50 days before unloading. Recently, there are fetal dreams every day, and all kinds of complexity, I can’t remember it, and then I have not prepared the bag.,Um?Wrong, go out to buy a bag today. By the way, she cuts the hairs for Hua dogs. I am pregnant for three years!

@: Everyone has a dream of fetal dreams. I eat fruits. Every time I dream, I have an atomic bomb explosion. Is this child in my stomach, participated in the battle?

@: When I was Huai Dabao, I dreamed that there were snakes hanging on the tree. Later, I interpreted it as a boy. After giving birth, it was a male baby. Now I am pregnant with a second child. I dreamed of a very in the first two days.The big spider, interpretation of dreams is a girl, hoping that dreams will come true.

Do you feel interesting after watching so many mother -in -law during pregnancy?In fact, dreaming during pregnancy is also a manifestation of the psychological situation of pregnant mothers. Here I also hope that pregnant mothers can relax and maintain a positive and optimistic attitude. Maybe good things will happen.

I also hope that everyone can see so many interesting fetal dreams, you can get pregnant, give birth to your baby safely and smoothly!

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