What is the reason for pregnant women after pregnancy?What should I do during pregnancy?

Many women will have dizziness during pregnancy. Dizziness during pregnancy is mainly the cause of low blood pressure. Hypotension can cause dizziness. Dizziness during pregnancy may also be the cause of too little eating. Therefore, pay attention to the correct diet during pregnancy.Dizziness will also occur. What is the cause of dizziness during pregnancy?How to relieve dizziness during pregnancy?

1. Low blood pressure and ischemia of the brain. Such pregnant women usually faint when they suddenly stand or riding the elevator.In the early and middle stages of pregnancy, due to the formation of the placenta, blood pressure has decreased to a certain extent. Generally, it is 1.33-2.67 kilometer lower than usual, which is physiological.Pregnant women with original hypertension will decrease more.

2. Eat too little, blood sugar is low. Such pregnant women sometimes have sexual dizziness, accompanied by palpitations, fatigue, cold sweat, and usually occur when they eat less.During pregnancy, DD vomiting during pregnancy, so eat less.Eat less and make blood sugar low.Blood glucose is a raw material for muscle cells and brain cells to produce energy.

3. Instead of position, compressing blood vessels. Such pregnant women usually occur when they are lying on their back or lying on the sofa when watching TV, and they will not occur when lying on the side or standing.The dizziness of this type of pregnant woman belongs to supine syndrome.Due to the increase in uterus in the later stages of pregnancy, the supply of heart and cerebral blood decreased, causing discomfort such as dizziness and chest tightness.

Regularly perform a checkup to measure blood pressure and iron in the blood.Eat more light food and don’t deliberately supplement.Try to lie on the left when entering the second half of pregnancy.Lying or sitting up when you get up.Headache can apply hot towels on your head to effectively relieve headaches.

Eat more foods rich in collagen, such as trotters, etc., helping to increase the elasticity of the skin.Eat more catfish, carp, radish and winter melon, which helps relieve the symptoms of edema.Eat more foods containing unsaturated fatty acids such as walnuts, sesame and peanuts, as well as foods that are easy to digest and absorb and rich in protein.Multiple foods such as celery and lettuce are rich in vitamin and minerals.I often eat some iodine -rich foods, such as kelp and squid.

The above we know the causes of dizziness during pregnancy, and we also understand how to alleviate dizziness during pregnancy. Dizziness during pregnancy needs to go to the hospital for a checkup to understand the content of the human body. Dizziness during pregnancy is likely to be the cause of iron deficiency anemia.A large amount of iron, so choose foods with high iron with high iron.

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