What is the reason why cows have never been pregnant?How to solve it?

What is the reason for the cows or not.How to deal with farmers?

The cow cow or pelvic cavity is inflamed, and the fallopian tubes are also infected, resulting in the obstruction of the sperm, and infertility eventually occurs.Uterineitis accounts for a large number of infertility in cattle. Generally, estrus identification, breeding, or poor sanitary conditions in the delivery room, infection during childbirth, infection of the infection of the fetus, and abortion may cause uterine inflammation.

After uterine inflammation occurs, disinfection solutions such as 0.5%to Suer, 0.2%Refuer, 0.2%potassium permanganate, 0.02%new Jieer Destroyer are rushed when the cow is in estrus and the cervix opens.At the same time, you can irrigate the uterus in the uterus with penicillin or splitterin+physiological saline.

In order to avoid reproductive organs, we must scientifically assisted in cow during the production of cows. Observe the excretion of tire clothes postpartum, and do not let it inflammation in the vagina.To be cleaned in place and disinfection, it can ensure that the cow will conceive normally next time.

The usual way to feed cattle is unscientific, which can cause the cow to be too fat or too thin, which may lead to infertility.Cattle’s affection can cause the ovaries to block the ovaries, causing the cows to not estrus for a long time, or estrus but not ovulation, and infertility.Infertility.

In order to avoid this situation, keep a medium -sized emotion before the cows breed.For the replenishment of thin and weak cows, the cows with too fat are fed less, strengthening breeding management.

If in natural mating, a bull can not be pregnant with multi -cow cows, but when other bulls can be pregnant, most of the reasons are that there is a problem with this kind of bull.If it is a cow with better quality, you can add more selenium, vitamin E, and trace elements during daily feeding, and then injection testosterone to enhance exercise for conditioning.Just eliminate the cattle with poor quality.

If it is artificial insemination and repeated infertility, you can consider the problem of frozen essence.Although the quality of frozen essence of regular manufacturers is better, it cannot be ruled out that sperm vitality is reduced in the storage and thawing link.Just change the frozen essence in this case.

Premature or too late to breed may cause cows to be empty.After the ox shows obvious signs of estrus, the breeding can be performed after 10-12 hours.We generally pay attention to the morning estrus and evening breeding and the second morning in the evening in the evening. At this time, the cows are not so excited.After the first breeding of cattle, in order to ensure the success of conception, it is best to be reproduced again after 8-10 hours to avoid failure of conception.

The developing organs of cows are abnormal, which causes congenital diseases such as vaginal stenosis and gender malformations, which makes cows unable to get pregnant.This kind of innate infertility cattle is not common, but if the male queen has a relationship of close relatives, this situation is very likely.

This type of infertility cow does not have an effective treatment plan, and can only be eliminated in time during breeding to avoid greater losses.In addition, in order to avoid the breeding of close relatives in the group, it is best to change the bull diligently to eliminate such situations.

Some farmers are pursuing fast when raising cattle, and feed the cattle for long -term feed feed. This method has no problem in fattening cows, but if this kind of cow is used to breed cows, there will be problems.

Due to the long -term feed or forage of hormones, endocrine has been disordered or disordered, causing ovarian cysts.The estrus period is prolonged, and hormone therapy can be treated with lutein, progesterone, and hormone -promoting hormones, etc.After the conditioning improvement, the breeding and other operations can be performed.

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