What is the relationship between vitamin E level in the body?Most people may be in the drum

Vitamin E, also known as narcinol, is a lipid -soluble vitamin, also known as narcinol, is one of the main antioxidant vitamin.I believe many friends know vitamin E, but what is the specific health care function?

Vitamin E is applied to the face without freckle.Vitamin E is an antioxidant that belongs to lipid -soluble vitamins.

Clinically, oral vitamin E can be used for thermal treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, infertility and habitual abortion. Topical vitamins have the effect of hydrating and moisturizing, which can be applied to hands, feet, facial, whole body, and relieve the symptoms of desquamation and dryness.

However, facial stains are generally due to melanin deposition, and vitamin E does not make pigment metabolism or decline. Therefore, the use of vitamin E is applied, and the effect of eliminating the color spots cannot be achieved.

In addition, long -term irradiation of ultraviolet rays may lead to local pigment cells, which in turn leads to pigmentation, so you need to pay attention to sun protection daily.

Researchers at Peking University had conducted a crowd investigation that they selected healthy youth groups for physical testing.Measure the level of vitamin E content and immune -related indicators in their body (serum immunoglobulin, lymphocytes).

The results of the study show that the higher the number of vitamin E content in the body, the more T lymphocytes, which shows that the vitamin E content in the body is closely related to the function of the immune system.

With the growing age, the body’s immune system function has gradually declined, and immunity has gradually declined. American researchers conduct a trial of intervention tests for the elderly, and supplement vitamin E (60-800mg/d) to the elderly for 235 days.

By detecting immune activity in the elderly body and evaluating its immune function, the final result shows that compared with the elderly who have not supplemented vitamin E, after supplementing vitamin E, the immune system function of the elderly is significantly enhanced.

To put it simply, vitamin E can effectively improve the immunity of the elderly. If people who need to regulate immune function to enhance resistance can be used, vitamin E soft capsules can be taken appropriately.

However, the supplement of vitamin E and other health products should be taken to the doctor’s advice rather than blindly. After all, each person’s constitution is different, and the nutrients that need to be supplemented are different.

1. Patients with skin allergies.At present, it is difficult to achieve a sufficiently high purity sold in the market.Therefore, other impurities summarized by vitamin E itself or pharmaceuticals may induce allergic skin allergies.

2. Women of menopausal women or menstrual blood capacity.Vitamin E can increase estrogen. When women have menopausal symptoms, taking vitamin E may cause malignant tumors.Therefore, menopausal women or women with high menstrual flow cannot take vitamin E by themselves.

3. Patients with hypertension.Taking vitamin E can cause platelet aggregation in the blood, increase blood viscosity, form risk of thrombosis, and increase the condition of patients with hypertension.Therefore, patients with hypertension with vitamin E may experience symptoms such as dizziness, headache, and vision loss.

4. People who take anticoagulant drugs, low cholesterol drugs, and cyclopypeus.Because vitamin E reacts with copper, it causes abnormal bleeding. People who take anticoagulant drugs may continue to bleed after taking vitamin E, which will pose a threat to life safety.And low cholesterol drugs, cyclopromycin and vitamin E interact, and at the same time taking will reduce the efficacy of the drug.Therefore, you cannot take it at the same time.

5. Women during pregnancy.Women are more special during pregnancy. They should follow the doctor’s advice if taking any drugs. Even the health care category should follow the doctor’s advice, otherwise it will cause their own health and fetal baby to be greatly affected.

1. The biggest difference in essence is that the source is different

Medicinal vitamins are generally synthetic vitamins, that is, the product obtained after different chemical reactions.Natural vitamins are natural products extracted from natural animals and plants and microorganisms.

Second, the price difference mainly comes from the following aspects

1. Materials

The price of raw materials between the two is similar

2. Process

One synthetic process, one extraction process, the cost of the two is similar. Natural vitamins often have a low extraction rate, resulting in a slightly higher cost, but this is not the main factor.

3. Packaging

Pharmaceutical vitamin packaging is simple. Natural vitamins of health products take into account gifts, and their packaging will take more thoughts.

4. Sales

Natural vitamins of health products are often sold through direct sales models. Each dealer will have a lot of profits, and it is often high prices in the hands of consumers.

5. Marketing

For high operation and advertising costs, natural vitamins will promote products in various ways under the name of health products, such as a large number of advertising investment, star endorsements, etc.

If human body wants to be healthy, vitamin E is a kind of nutrition that must not be less, which has played a great role in the health of the human body. Therefore, it is very important to supplement vitamin E for human health.As the saying goes, "medicine supplement is not as good as food supplement", it is recommended that you replenish vitamin E to the body through the way of diet.

[1] Fresh fruits and vegetables are very rich in vitamin E.There are many types of fresh fruits and vegetables, such as apples, bananas, grapes, tomatoes, pumpkin, spinach, solemn, lettuce and other green vegetables. The vitamin E content is very high.If a person wants to supplement vitamin E, he can eat more such foods, and the effect of supplementation is very good.

[2] Animal liver can supplement vitamin E.Animal liver includes pork liver, foie gras, chicken liver, etc. These foods are rich in vitamin E, which can help the human body to improve immunity, resist the invasion of viruses, improve intelligence, etc., which can be described as many benefits.But the price is slightly more expensive than the pork liver and chicken liver?Therefore, people should do their best when choosing food.

[3] The seeds of the seeds are very rich in vitamin E.The seeds of the seeds are generally made into oil foods, such as sunflower seed oil, peanut oil, soybean oil, sesame oil and cottonseed oil.Vitamin E.However, the content of vitamin E in peanut oil is relatively small, so you must eat it with other oils.

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