What kind of criminal law is the criminal law of "Rugao Biography", the emperor feels ruthless when he knows it

The punishment in "Biography of Rugao" sometimes makes people always feel worried, especially the prisoner in the palace, where is a place to swallow.Go out.

Ling Yunche was locked into the Criminal Division because of the emperor’s suspicion. It can be seen that he had received a lot of punishment at that time. The clothes on his body were already full of blood. At this time, only if Rugao used torture to him, he could eluted himself on his body.Rumors.

And Hailan chose to torture, relatively gentle, that is, this "additional official", which is a punishment that kills without blood.

Dipon once used this punishment to Wang Qin, that is, the yellow paper that was immersed in water, and the overlapping one by one on the face of the victim.Small, gradually suffocating with the superimposition of the paper.

There is also the most common stick sentence, that is, playing boards. This often appears in the Qing Palace drama. Because of the death of Shu Fei, Wei Yanwan was punished with the Chun Chan around him.That is, the skin is blooming, but there is also the kind of punishment to death.

Wei Yanwan was punished at that time. It was easy to watch Wei Yanwan who was in execution. In fact, this posture was long. Head congestion caused dizziness and stiffness.If you can’t bear it, you will vomit and even die.

This is also known as one of the eight major torture of the Qing Dynasty.

There is also the torture of the Prudential Division, and the heart has experienced it. It is the most distressed. She has not only used whip torture, stick punishment, but also sprinkled with chili water on the wound.pain.

What caused her legs to break a leg is because her legs were put on a stick. This kind of stick clipped her legs, sometimes she was clamped with her legs!

Another kind of torture was tortured, that is, the rod beat his feet. Wei Yan ordered the emperor and was dragged into the Criminal Division.

The Yongquan acupuncture point of the prisoner’s feet with a stabbing Jingtong is also damaged. Once this point is damaged, it is equivalent to damage to the renal meridian and the heart meridian at the same time, which can cause symptoms such as dizziness and anxiety, headache, palpitations.

Of course, there is another punishment that Rugao Chuan has not taken, that is, cat sentences.The punishment that Grandma was suffered, we can see that before his death, he was bloody, and he was obviously tortured.

Cat punishment is to grind people and a few claws to make a very sharp wild cat, put it in a bag tightly, and then keep whipping the sack by one person. If the wild cat is frightened, the flesh and flesh of the people in the sack will be destroyed.Essence

Of course, the main punishment is that, and there are some palm -to -mouth punishment and the like, naturally it is not worth mentioning.

Do you see the hidden friendship in Rugao Biography?

The friendship between Hai Lan and Rugao is enviable, but in the Biography of Rugao, the friendship between Bai Ruiji and Lu Maping is really regrettable.

Both of them were trained by the queen queen. They were sent to the palace by the queen mother one after the other.

In the past traces, although they did not often go in and out, they were a pair of friends. They could be seen from the palace of Jin Yuyan.

In fact, Mei Yan is a very gentle person. When she first entered the palace, she was about to disrupt the harem. At this time, the queen couldn’t control the harem, and the queen mother would come forward.

Later, her child was killed, and she became a bit crazy, and she wanted to revenge her child.Although she was crazy, her heart was still kind.

When Aya framed Rugao and killed her child with Yi Yan, the child was her heart treasure. She wanted to find out the person who killed her child. At this time, she was found to be Rugao. She took it.He went to Rugao Palace with a whip.

Her irrational has occupied her head. When she saw Rugao turned around, she couldn’t get her hands on the expression with tears.

She also had an umbrella for others. When Hailan was pregnant, she also had the same symptoms as her at the time. She was the first to comfort Hailan.

The friendship between her and Lu Maping was expressed from the south to the south when they arranged singing and dancing.At that time, both of them were not favored, so the queen mother arranged a song and dance for them.

Bai Ruiji was willing to make a foil for Lu Maping. In order to make her favored, when the emperor wanted to flip the license at the end of the song and dance, Bai Ruiji also gave this opportunity to Lu Maping.

Before the death of Little Pipa essence, the emperor knew that she and Qing Yan were all sent by the queen mother, and Bai Ruiji killed Qing Yan.

But Bai Ruiji did not do so. She just made Lu Maping unable to get pregnant in the future, so that she also got rid of the control of the queen mother and would not become a victim of the emperor and the queen queen.

However, Lu Maping did not understand Bai Rui’s purpose at the time, and when Bai Ruiji said to her, she didn’t want to make good friends.

However, Lu Maping was involved in the struggle. Wei Yanwan used her and was good to her. She also helped Wei Yanwan to do a lot of things. She still disappointed Bai Ruiji’s true heart here!

"Sitting here, I found that there are not many old people who are at the time of Ejiao"

We have reason to doubt that this sentence is in the connotation of her dad. Didn’t your old man all kill the scum?

The first is Gao Yueyue. She likes to be coquettish beside Julong. Zhaolong also spoils her small temper, but Julong has never loved her.

She first sealed the concubine of the emperor because of her Ama Gao Bin. At that time, the water treatment was contributed and her reputation on the court was very high, so her first sea was the concubine.

Junlong just ascended the base and the foundation was unstable. Because Gao Bin also had to love the concubine. Later, Gao Yueyue became ill, and Zhaolong did not look at it, so Gao Yueyue only used her for her.Gao Yueyue, who was afraid of cold, died in the snow and snow.

The second concubine of Zhaolong was Langya, who was Langya, who had never received a lot of love by her husband before her death. Although Zetong said with her for a long time, but the sentencePoke people’s heart.

And in order to reduce Zhen Huan’s power, the only child beside Langya’s body was married to Korqin, which also made Langya’s body difference.

The third is the little pipa essence.Although she was a man arranged in the queen mother, she was framed and gave birth to a stranger. After that, Zhaolong never spoiled her.

In the end, Julong checked her details, and used Bai Ruiji to help him remove the hidden dangers of the queen queen.

At this time, Rugao thought that she could reunite with her underground children, and Zhaolong did not mention a sentence in the end.

The fourth place Yi Huan, Yi Huan is the person who has the deepest friendship with Zhaolong. She has a good intention of seeing Zhaolong from outside the palace. After entering the palace, Zhaolong is also very good to her and loves her.

But Yi Huan is also a queen mother. Dip Long, in order to prevent her from giving birth, gives her fetal medicine to avoid pregnancy.

When Yi Huan was pregnant, Zhaolong also listened to the words of Qin Tianjian, so that their mother and child were separated, so that Yi Huan lived in the pain of missing children every day.

After Yi Huan knew the truth, Zhaolong attributed all the mistakes, because she was the queen mother, and eventually Yi Huan was buried in the sea of fire.

The last Jin Yuyan, although she was guilty, she was the person who was kicked the most by Zhaolong.

With the eight princes, the head of the Yangxin Temple was about to be at the door of the Yangxin Temple, and Julong didn’t care.Kim Yuyan was the most prince who gave birth to him. However, she was a good hand for the scum and scattered leaves, but the Dragon Dragon did not cherish it.

Old people have only Hailan, Chen Wanyin and Su Luzhang. They are all people who can’t remember, so even in this deep palace, even if they are still alive, they are lonely for a lifetime.

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