What kind of experience is it from pregnancy to spitting from pregnancy?10 methods to deal with pregnancy



I often see "Pregnancy is the happiest time in a woman’s life" and chatting in my mother’s group one day. There is really a mother saying "I am particularly enjoy the process of pregnancy and baby."

Every time I see this kind of remark, I especially want to cry and say to them, "Fairy tales are deceived, you must not experience the feeling of vomiting from pregnancy to giving birth!"

Many people have almost no response when they are pregnant. Of course, it is normal to have obvious pregnancy vomiting for a few months of pregnancy, but I am particularly serious.nothing.

For a happy foodie, the "no appetite" is simply a three -view view of life!

Can you get pregnant happily!

Therefore, from the beginning of pregnancy, I look forward to when the uncomfortable pregnancy vomiting can end.

My family and friends comforted me and said, "It will be fine after 3 months"; so I have been with my fingers for 3 months, but with the egg, I still vomit!Then a friend said, "It should be completely better in 4 months"; I wait until 4 months, but I still vomit …

Until one day, I heard a friend and said, "I heard that some people have been spitting into it! XXX was like this at the time." It scared me to fight.

In a word, I really became the pregnant woman who "spit to life."


However, the signs of improvement from 5 months are that in the past, I vomited the bottom of the sky, and even the bile had to spit it out. After 5 months, I basically ate, and vomited half.

And I was surprised to find that my preference for food had a great change of 180 degrees compared with before pregnancy.

For example, my favorite menu in the past is green pepper fried meat. At this moment, when you eat green peppers, you will vomit and vomit;

In the past, I drank a cup of Hokkaido milk every morning. It was strong and delicious. At this moment, when I drank milk and vomited, I spit it out of the pregnant mother’s milk powder;

In the past, I hated eating pasta and only loved rice. At this point, as long as I eat rice, I still vomit, so I had to eat noodles every day.

I said with a bitter smile to the Bay Bay in my belly, "Gulf Bay is big, what exactly is this?"


Just vomiting and vomiting until 30 weeks to do the birth checkup. A photo of the B -ultrasound, the doctor said, "Your fetus is too small, only 2 and a half pounds! You have to eat more, don’t be afraid of fat at this time!"

I said helplessly, "I also want to eat it too. I finally got pregnant and I can let go of my belly, but I have never eaten it for so many months, because I have eaten it.Spit, oh oh ~ "

What’s more terrible is that when M Xiansen heard the doctor’s conclusion, he was so nervous that he threatened me, "If the Bay is not 5 pounds when birth, it is troublesome to stay!Eat and vomit, eat! "

I really want to slap with a slap, "Eat and vomit, vomit and eat", how easier it is, do you think that the pregnant woman vomit is a one -second thing?

The feeling of pregnancy is from the beginning of the meal, experiencing the long process of rejuvenation, such as flatulence, flowing nose, tears, dizziness, wanting to vomit and rest.Even if I "vomit and eat" at this time, it was almost time to the next meal.

However, I am also worried about the weight of the Bay myself. It ’s less than two months left. If it is really born less than 5 pounds, it hurts the Bay to live in the insulation box.of!

So I studied various ways and let myself eat more:

If you ca n’t eat rice, you eat steamed buns and pasta. I specially bought a dozen and strong northern steamed buns from Guangzhou ’s supermarkets to Hong Kong. Each time I eat, steaming one or two to eat;

If you can’t drink milk, try all kinds of yogurt and cheese, and finally try a few models that don’t vomit;

When eating, eliminate foods such as green peppers that may cause flatulence.

When you go to work, bring the skin with skin and cut into pieces to supplement.

The most important thing is that I invited my aunt to Hong Kong to help me cook and stay with me.Some people cook for you, and "eat and eat" can only have realistic possibilities. Otherwise, you are dying. How can you still want to eat?

Finally, in the last two months of eating and special food (as well as always, the big vomiting and vomiting), seeing my own weight growing up, the belly is more obvious.Have you grown?

By the last production check -up, the doctor has estimated that the weight of the Bay is almost 6 pounds.

When I was born, 5.56 catties, a delicate little baby, but finally achieved the basic goal -no need to hold the thermal box, you can stay with your mother, enjoy the hug of your mother, eat sweet breast milk, and "intimate parenting method "Layed a good foundation.

However, afterwards, the experience of "vomiting from pregnancy to birth" is actually given an additional big egg -because I can’t eat and drink during pregnancy, and the weight control is better, so it will soon be soon after delivery.Return to body.

Coupled with running exercise and a reasonable diet, it was reduced to 8 pounds loss than before pregnancy!I often joked with people, "The fat that can’t be reduced, and the child will be reduced." Hahaha ~

Life, not only like chocolate sugar in the box, but also the journey of "seeing tricks, seeing strange monsters".For this reason, the Filipino, who came here, summarized a few small Tips for pregnancy:

1 Be sure to control the first bite of vomiting. If you can hold back, don’t vomit

When you want to vomit, it is the best if you can hold back the first bite, because you will continue to vomit after the first bite. If you hold back the first bite, you will not frequently vomit.Once you vomit, you just want to vomit.

2 Put too much attention on pregnancy

Many people have this experience. When they go to work, they are busy, and they basically do n’t vomit. In fact, they start to vomit when they go home. In fact, they have shifted their attention because of something.If you are unwell, insisting on work will make your pregnancy easier;

In addition, when you return home, find something you like, such as learning musical instruments, doing handmade or so, you can disperse your energy and relieve pregnancy.

3 Keep a moderate exercise

Don’t think that when a pregnant woman, I should lie at home every day. When the Fei Grandpa is pregnant, he walks more than 5 kilometers a day, because it is found that it is really a good medicine to cure pregnancy after dinner!

At first, the meal that eats into the belly can help digestion during the walking process, so the feeling of vomiting is not so strong; second, breathe fresh air outdoors, listen to some soothing music, even interesting, even interesting, even interesting, and even interesting.The radio program is extremely beneficial to adjusting emotions and relaxing pressure!

4 Enhance your beliefs, exercise thick nerves like reinforced bars

If the pregnant mother collapses, the pregnancy vomiting will only become more and more powerful. The pregnant mother must persist in the end and use her own ideas to defeat the pregnancy vomiting.

On the one hand, pregnant mothers must let go of their tension themselves. We must know that pregnancy is a normal physiological response in the early stages of pregnancy. During this period, the fetus is in the stage of forming organs.The health of the fetus.

On the other hand, although it is not required that pregnant women should "always be great, always happy, always active, and look forward to beauty forever", no matter how coquettish people should start training themselves"The concept, give yourself more conviction and confidence in defeating difficulties.

5. Communicate with the fetus, let the baby be considerate of the mother

In fact, this is more psychological hint, but also the pregnant mother to increase her own mind, talk to the baby, and say that the mother is very hard to get pregnant.Feel the feeling of vomiting.

6 Eat more light food

Although this is hard to do for me who is unhappy.However, it is clearly noticed that the greasy food does increase the feeling of pregnancy, and the spicy food will make the esophagus a burning sensation during the spit process.Therefore, pregnant mothers during pregnancy should still adjust the taste and eat more light food. After meals, you can eat some refreshing cucumbers, and you can also relieve pregnancy.

7 Eat less meals

Eat less meals, do not let the stomach feel full or hungry. After pregnancy, you don’t have to follow the three meals and eat it.The number, quantity, type, and time can be adjusted according to the appetite and response of pregnant mothers.

There is no need to pursue nutritional value to adapt to the changes in short -term taste of pregnant mothers.After the pregnancy reaction is over, it can be gradually adjusted.You can also prepare some snacks such as biscuits or bread. Eat a little before going to bed or before getting up to reduce the discomfort in the stomach.

8 Eat more staple foods to ensure enough carbohydrates

Due to the reaction of pregnancy, pregnant mothers are often in a state of hunger, especially pregnant mothers with severe pregnancy.At this time, if the carbohydrate intake is insufficient, the body will decompose fat to meet the needs of the pregnant mother’s body.

In the process of decomposition, fat will produce ketone bodies, insufficient carbohydrate intake, and ketone body cannot be metabolized normally.

Entering the fetus through the placenta, it will damage the development of the fetal brain and nervous system.Even if you can’t eat it in pregnancy, you must ensure that you can consume no less than 150g of carbohydrates every day.

9 Supplement B vitamin

The deficiency of vitamin B1 will lead to a decline in gastrointestinal function, which will increase the reaction of early pregnancy. Pay attention to supplement vitamin B1.

Vitamin B6 has a certain relief effect. Edible foods containing vitamin B6, such as chicken, fish, beans, eggs, and fresh vegetables, fruits, or vitamin supplements, which helps alleviate early pregnancy reactions.

Polying Pregnancy Oral Oral Liquid contains the nutritional elements required by B vitamins and other pregnant mothers, which can not only effectively alleviate pregnancy, but also have a good effect on enhancing the immunity of pregnant women and improving the anemia of pregnant women.

10 infusion treatment

This should be used as The Last Resort (last resort)!Medical research shows that to ensure the health of the fetus, it is necessary to consume no less than 150g of carbohydrates every day (that is, about half a bowl of rice, this should not be difficult to meet the standard).

It is really a pregnant mother who is severe to eat at all. Under the guidance of a doctor, it can supplement glucose, vitamins, and minerals by infusion to avoid malnutrition.


Although I have experienced so many hardships during pregnancy, after the child is born, I really realize that others say, "Actually, I am very happy when I am pregnant," because at least personal is still free ~

However, although we have eaten a lot of suffering from pregnancy to having children, it is also these experiences that let us grow up for a more brave and powerful person. This is a more complete life, isn’t it?

The end

About the author: Hot Mom Fei also transformed into a mother with three heads and six arms, golden light from the neuropathy, heartless and heartless literary youth;The tube of the spicy poisonous tongue spy on marriage and the awakening of women; I hope that I will accompany you all the way like a distinctive girlfriend.

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