What kind of experience is the third trimester? Listening to what people say, the 6 performances indicate that the baby is about to give birth

Wen 丨 Jingma said, original content.

I have written a lot of articles in the third trimester before, and many of the expectant mothers leave a message to leave a message in the third trimester. Let ’s take a look at the“ distress ”of their third trimester with Beijing.

@: 38 weeks, the pubic bone is separated, and the road can’t move.

@: The back pain in 31 weeks, the little guy is very honest during the day, it is TA’s "dancing time" in the evening ~ The magic of love is circled ~~ Various kinds of jumping, ballet dance, tossing me, sometimes I can’t sleep, and sometimes urinate.Stand up again.

@HT: Placenta is low in bleeding, eating and drinking Lazar is on the bed, suffering from the suffering of physical and soul.

@现: For two months of insomnia, why did n’t I feel difficult to fall asleep before, and now I want to sleep peacefully is extravagant.

@3: 32 weeks, the feet are much larger, shoes with 36 yards before pregnancy, 39 shoes after pregnancy, are also worried that they will continue to grow. I bought 40 yards and 41 -yard shoes.Everyone said that my face was bigger [I want to be quiet].

I want to "complain" these expectant mothers. Most of the third trimester of pregnancy are like this. It is really hard, but if you think about it, you will have to meet your baby, and you will feel worth it and happiness!

1. physical aspect

As the belly is getting bigger and bigger, the changes that bring to expectant mothers are getting worse, as follows.

① Insomnia.The stomach is getting bigger and bigger, I ca n’t sleep when I sleep. I ’m uncomfortable when I sleep. I finally woke up by the baby.

Jingma suggested: try to be peaceful as possible, avoid anxiety and nervousness, you can do pregnant women yoga or listen to soft music before going to bed, avoid watching irritating news or movies; eat early for dinner, you can eat whole wheat dishes before bedtime, you can eat some whole wheat dishes orMilk and so on, but do not drink too much water before going to bed, so as not to frequently go to the toilet to affect sleep; the bedroom environment is comfortable, high summer temperature affects sleep, which can be properly turned on air conditioner, you can use pregnant women’s pillows, or pads more pillows; exercise appropriately during the day, and exercise appropriately during the day, exercise appropriately during the day, appropriate exercise during the day, and exercise appropriately during the day, and exercise appropriately during the day.Increase fatigue, reduce the nap time, and develop the habit of sleeping on time at night.

② Edema.Due to the gradual increase in the pressure of the uterus to the lower limbs, it affects the flow of veins, and the phenomenon of edema will occur, and the more severe the more severe mothers, the more speculative mothers, the degree of edema will be different due to the different physical and actual conditions.

Jingma suggested: Use the side lying position when sleeping to increase blood supply, and at the same time, you can use the pillow to advance the ages; avoid sedentary, sit up for a while, you can get up for the activity, you can bubble your feet every day, massage your feet and legs;The diet is light, controlling the intake of salt, and you can also eat some foods such as winter melon, red beans, etc.; The shoes should be wearing a bigger, avoid squeezing your feet, and the clothes should be as loose as possible, especially pants.

③ frequent urine.For expectant mothers, a very embarrassing thing is that wherever you go, you have to find where the bathroom is, and the more severe the more severe it is;

Jingma suggested: reduce drinking water before going to bed, drink proper water during the day, and reduce drinking water when going out; use sideways to sleep to avoid sleeping; diuretic food properly eat, do not eat too much;When you want to have a bathroom, you should go up in time.

④ pubic pain, back pain.In the middle and late pregnancy, because the body must adapt to the gradual increase of the uterus, pubic pain and back pain will occur. Most of them are normal performance, so don’t worry too much.

Beijing mother suggests: do a good job of checking the doctor’s advice on schedule; appropriately increase some exercise exercise of stretching thighs, increase the endurance of muscles and ligaments; pay attention to sitting positions, rest more, avoid overwork.

⑤ Poor appetite.As the fetus grows, the uterus will become larger and larger, the expansion of the uterus will squeeze the stomach upwards, which will affect appetite, and it will feel that it is not hungry, heartburn, and sour.

Beijing mother suggested: eat less meals a day, do not eat too much every meal, cause gastrointestinal discomfort; the diet is light and easy to digest, you can eat more vegetables and fruits, or you can eat some foods that help appetizers.

Specific mothers don’t have to be too burdensome because of the appearance of these performances. It is just a good deal with and scientific response. When the baby is born, these symptoms will naturally disappear.

2. Psychological aspect

The closer to childbirth, the more complicated the mood. I look forward to meeting the baby, and I am a little scared and worried. I am afraid of the pain of the palace and the danger when there is a baby.anxiety".

Jingma suggests: Learn more about the common sense of childbirth during pregnancy, understand the process of childbirth and possible situations, and can do it; afraid of childbirth pain, conditional mothers can also use painless delivery, which can reduce physical pain and relieve it, but also relieve itPsychological pressure; you can chat with your family every day, go out for a walk, or take the pre -delivery class to relieve anxiety. Don’t always think about it at home.

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