What kind of medicine can I take for the new crown Eryang or a cold and cough?what can we do about it?Hurry up!

Since May of this year, more and more patients have been in the new crown Eryang. The general symptoms of patients who have been infected last year are not too severe. Many patients who have not been infected last year may be a little bit heavy.There are more symptoms like colds.Now the new crown is also symptomatic. It is basically the same as that of similar symptoms or normal colds. If there are no serious complications, it will be the same process.

Patients with basic diseases may pay attention to control the usual symptoms such as hypertension and diabetes respiratory diseases such as hypertension and diabetes. In fact, the problem will not be too big.

Then the new crown Eryang we said that there may be a series of symptoms such as fever, sore throat, cough, diarrhea, etc. I have introduced some drugs of fever and sore throat in the previous articles. Of courseConsult the pharmacist in detail to see your symptoms clearly.

Let’s explore the symptoms of cough in the new crown Eryang today. What drugs can we take?Here are only popular science and introduction. Someone left a message in the comment area and said that it was advertising and selling medicines. It is not true that the benevolent sees the wisdom of the benevolent, and the cyber violence can be seen everywhere.Some people do n’t understand what others do n’t look at other people ’s popular science at all.

Our purpose is only the knowledge of science science medicine, helping those who need help. If we have different views, we are hard to say. The most important thing that cannot be discussed is the human heart. We are well conscious!

I just introduce you to these diseases that you can take these drugs, and not all the drugs are applicable. You must consult the pharmacist again when you go to the medical institution or purchase or buy a pharmacy.

What are the medicines for cough?

Let’s first understand the cough: cough is a kind of airway defensive reflection, which has the functions of cleaning airway and coughing out of foreign objects.Therefore, it is generally not necessary to take cough drugs that are relatively mild cough, because cough is a defensive reflection of the human body that can excrete the dirt in the airway. For those with obvious cough symptoms, or more severe, you can consult a doctor orThe pharmacist uses cough drugs.

What are the commonly used drugs for cough?

Western medicine:

The drug -telled drug, that is, the cough drugs in the center, means that the drug that makes you not cough no matter what the reason is: commonly uses hydrocelatic acid, right Meishafen, to be reasonable, more gly glycerin, and so on.

Expure drugs, if they are accompanied by a large amount of phlegm, can be combined to use expectorant drugs, such as commonly used: amprolytic, bromine, acetylcysteine, etc.

These drugs of western medicine are mainly telled and expectorant. Generally, they should be taken with other drugs. For example, patients with slight redness or heat permits need to take some drugs with heat -clearing and detoxifying.Some.

Pregnant women, children, patients with basic diseases, breastfeeding women to pharmacies or medical institutions must explain their situation with doctors or pharmacists in detail, because some drugs are prohibited or used by these patients.Intersection

Chinese medicine:

In fact, if the cough is required to take Chinese medicine, the clear lung detoxification soup introduced before is the official recipe, and the effect is good. You can search it on the Internet.30g (fried first), Guizhi 9g, Zexie 9g, Poria 9g, Atractylodes 9G, Poria 15g, Chaihu 16g, Scutellaria Blast 6g, Ginger Pinellia 9g, Ginger 9g, Winter 9g, Winter Winter 9g, Drinking 9g, Asarum 6G 6G, Yam 12g, 6g of g 6g, Chenpi 6g, Huoxiang 9g.The motherland medicine is actually very powerful. As a Chinese, we can still understand our wisdom of our ancestors.

Some Chinese medicines such as Yinqiao San, Shuanghuanglian, Clear Kai Ling, Zhenyao Capsule, Monkey Ear Circle Anti -inflammatory Granules, Dripstone Pills Person, Yishi Capsules or Tablets, Lianhua Clear Plague, Anti -Virus Granules, etc.The traditional Chinese medicines of the class are OK. These Chinese medicines of clearing heat and detoxifying cough may be better. Some traditional Chinese medicines can help improve the symptoms of colds, shorten the course of disease, and promote the recovery of the disease.

We say that disease is a comprehensive process, and everyone’s symptoms are different during the development stage of the disease, and the drugs that need to be taken are different.It may not be too good to take only the custody of coughing western medicine. It may still be better to take some traditional Chinese medicine or Chinese medicine to clear heat and detoxify.

Try to choose a larger manufacturer when choosing a drug, so the quality will be more guaranteed.

If you repeatedly cough, chest tightness, chest pain, you need to go to medical institutions in time if necessary, conduct a regular examination of blood and chest slices to evaluate whether there is lung infection.

If you have lung infections, you need to take antibiotic drugs that are antibiotics in time.If you consider bacterial infection, cephalosporin or penicillin can be used.If you consider the infection of the typical pathogen, you can apply drugs of large ring ester, or a drug -oriented drug for symptomatic treatment. Patients smaller than 18 years of age cannot use penolone drugs.

In addition, in addition to the treatment of drugs, smoke less, pay attention to rest, you ca n’t exercise violently during the cold, not just a new crown, you ca n’t exercise violently during any cold, you ca n’t sweat, so as not to cause many unnecessary serious consequences.Drink more water, eat less spicy food, and don’t drink.

In this way, the disease will be faster. If the condition is serious, go to the medical institution in time to consult a professional pharmacist and physician in time to avoid delaying the disease.

I hope the above popular science knowledge will help you, I wish you health!

[Heart] Reminder: The above science popularization content cannot be used as the basis for the treatment of diseases and the basis of drugs. If you have any discomfort, please go to a regular medical institution for treatment and treat them according to personal circumstances.I wish you good health!

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