What kind of menstruation indicates that you have menopause?The doctor tells three characteristics, so you might as well compare

Time is like a white horse. In a blink of an eye, the earliest batch of post -80s girls may face the trouble of menopause. According to statistical data, most women in my country are between 45 and 55 years old and the average menopause age is 49.5 years old. After the age of 40, if the menstruation does not come for a year, it can be diagnosed as a menopause after excluding the impact of pregnancy or disease factors.

What is menopause?The essence of menopause is actually the follicle failure of the ovarian, which cannot produce sufficient estrogen hormone. The endometrium cannot grow periodic growth and fall off to form menstruation. Menopa time means the decline of estrogen and the termination of menstruation.

In fact, as early as a period before menopause, the estrogen secretion of ovarian secretion has fallen, and women’s menstruation will change. For example, the following three changes occur:

1. The menstrual cycle is prolonged, 2 to 3 months or even longer, while the menstrual period and blood volume are normal.

2. Menstrual cycle disorders, irregular vaginal bleeding, and increased menstrual flow.

3. Sudden menopause, very few women can occur suddenly after several menstrual flow, menstruation suddenly stops.

According to the latest guide: Within 10 months, the two menstrual cycle changes within 10 months, which indicates that the coming period is coming, which means that women have entered a menopause.

During this period of experience before and after menopause, it is called the siege period (menopause). In addition to changes in menstruation, it is often accompanied by menopause syndrome, such as hotness, palpitations, insomnia, emotional abnormalities, anxiety, facing facing facingUrinary reproductive system changes, osteoporosis (sore back), cardiovascular problems, etc.

How can women calmly pass the menopamental period?

It is more obvious on the symptoms, has a greater impact on daily life, and it is difficult to relieve self -conditioning. You can try hormone replacement treatment. The earlier the treatment time of hormone replacement, the more significant the effect.Combined with physical conditions and family history, comprehensive analysis is performed.

Of course, if you want to alleviate the discomfort during the menopause period, you also need to start with the lifestyle and add the intake of fresh vegetables and fruits in your diet. Vegetables and fruits are rich in antioxidant factors, which will help delay the menopause age.

Focus on ingestion of calcium -containing foods to prevent osteoporosis. After losing the protection of estrogen, women have greatly increased the chance of osteoporosis. ThereforeProducts, green vegetables, etc. Calcium supplementation can also be supplemented by calcium.

Regular schedules, keeping adequate sleep, and avoiding staying up late, helping to stabilize the ovarian endocrine regulating shaft, which is greatly helpful for alleviating menopause discomfort.

Regular exercise, developing the habit of regular exercise, helps to promote sleep, relieve stress, and relax. In addition, appropriate exercise helps to promote ovarian function and delay the menstrual time.

Women’s smoking is much more harmful than men. Smoking can lead to premature menopause, induced ovarian cancer and breast cancer. Therefore, women with smoking habits quit smoking as soon as possible.

Finally: Women surrounding menstrual periods should develop the habit of regular medical examinations, such as undergoing basic endocrine testing, gynecological pelvic cavity B ultrasound, hysteroscopy, bone density measurement, etc. In particular, the following situations should be medical bleeding in non -menstrual period.Life pain, bleeding, abnormal discharge, vaginal bleeding after menopause.

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