What kind of stitches do I do if I do n’t eat food for pregnant sows?What is the reason for pregnancy sows without eating food?

Recently, farmers are consulting us: What should I take for the sow who does not eat?In fact, when we treat pregnant sows without eating food, some cases do not need to be injected, depending on the situation.In order to help us farmers solve this problem, we will explain this article to explain how to treat pregnant sows without eating.

1. The sows caused by heat should not eat.

Pregnant sows are prone to heat stress in summer, and sows will not eat after thermal stress.In response to this situation, we generally do not need to get an injection. We only need to transfer the sow to the cool environment and physical cooling for the sows.We need to provide a large amount of drinking water for sows, which can be added to drinking water: winter and summer too guarantee, so as to quickly alleviate the phenomenon of heat stimulation of sows.

2. Do not eat sows caused by constipation.

The constipation of pregnant sows usually occurs in the fourth month of sow’s pregnancy, and the first three months of pregnancy are not many.The stool pulled out of the sow is like a dry dung ball, and this situation does not need to be injected.We can use Kaisu to solve the sow’s constipation problem. As long as the sow’s problem is solved, the problem of sow does not eat food.In order to prevent sow constipation without eating, we can mix the sows: the mother animals are too guaranteed, and the mother animals are used to use probiotics in the mother animals to regulate the intestinal tract for the sows, so that the sow constipation can be prevented.

3. The sows caused by fever do not eat.

If the pregnant sow has a fever and the body temperature exceeds 39.5 ° C, then in the face of this situation, we need to be treated for injections.We can inject cephalosporins on one side, and on the other side of the injection of composite vitamin B to solve the not food caused by the fever caused by the fever of the pregnant sow.The fever during pregnancy shows that the sow’s immune force is poor. This will not only cause the sow to have a fever, but also the occurrence of miscarriage, dystocia, and death.We can add sow mixing ingredients: Motherstums are too guarantee+multi -dimensional Pacific guarantee+gram mold too much.There are many cases.

Pregnant sows do not eat food, mainly these three cases. If we encounter the phenomenon of pregnant sows do not eat food, then we can handle it according to the method in the text. I hope the content of this article can help our farmers.

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