What medicines cannot be used from pregnant women and how Chinese medicine is lost

Everyone complained that Chinese medicine was lost every day, but if you call it true and ask how Chinese medicine is lost, few people can say it.At most, some people said that the certain prescription was lost, and a certain unique activity was lost.Yes, but these are still second.The most fundamental thing about the loss of Chinese medicine is the ideological method.

It is useless to talk about it. Let’s take an example and let everyone learn some knowledge by the way.

What medicines can pregnant women use?

Pregnant women are special groups and need special care, but if pregnant women are sick, they still need to take medicine.So, what are the taboos of pregnant women?All in the following formula:

The gallbladder gallbladder, the aconite of the Wu head with Tianxiong.The category of Kano, the black beak side and tapeworm.Beanca mercury is parallel to the bean, and the ethnite snake is molted and crickets.Astronomical reeds are parallel, golden stone tin powder and male.Tooth nitrate pearl, lizard flying and raw hoe.On behalf of the cicada Hu Fan Musk, Huawei Wei Wei titles the three edges of the grass.Huaizi Morning Bulls and Sapoles, Tao Renxuan and Mao Gen., 樘 樘 樘 and dry paint, the pavilion is long waves.Qu Mai Yan Ru Crab Claw, the hedgehog skin red head red.Malaysia, silkworm clothing and fish, etc., Pinellia Nanxing Tongcao is the same.Dry ginger, garlic chicken and chicken, donkey meat rabbit meat does not need to be provided.Don’t avoid pre -maternity taboos, this song should be remembered in mind.

This is called "Pregnant Women’s Medicine".

Modern version explanation

However, it is a bit difficult to understand to beginners and needs to be explained.The following is a common modern explanation:

"Toxic, it is disabled during pregnancy: including green, spotted, Tianxiong, aconite, Uchita, Milmist, Basou, 芫“, Euphorbia, Sand, ground gallbladder, etc.Drugs that are taboos during pregnancy: including leeches, tapeworms, crickets, majestic yellow, female yellow, glory, dry paint, crab claw armor, musk, etc., although the following medicinal materials are non -toxic, but have the effects of promoting blood circulation abortion, such as Mao Gen, Mu, Mu Gen, Mu, Mu Gen, Mu, Mu Gen, Mu, Mu Gen, Mu, Mu Gen, Mu Gen, WoodTong, Qu Mai, Tongcao, Coix Seed, Polaris, Glaters, Tao kernels, Peony Skin, Three Emperors, Achyranean, Ginger Ginger, Cinnamon, Pinellia, Sapoon, South Star, Huaihua, Cicada, etc.. In addition to the Chinese herbal medicine mentioned above, there are also some Chinese medicines that are also used by pregnant women to disable or use cautiously.Wooden betel nut pills, dressing films, Jintui preparation pills, Zhushui boat car pills, Zhongjing Shizao pills, marching, Hong Lingdan, Tongqiao San, qi San, Yushu Dan, Niuhuang Film, Niuhuang to Baodan, Suhexiang Pills, Angong Niuhuang Pills, Zixue San, Clear heat and detoxifying pills, Epilepan Pills, Yanghe Cream, Xiaojin Dan, Niuhuang Xingxuan Pill, Plum Blossom Potal Dan, Society Ning MosaSan, Boom Pills, Treatment of Wounds, Baozhen Pills, Baozhen Ointment, Wet Wet and Pain, Dog Skin Cream, Compound Angelica Note, Chicken Blood Vine Port, Shujinjin Pills, Dahuo Luo Pills, Xiaoliu Dan, Excellence, and ExcellenceActivating blood pills, Yimu cream, laughes, gynecological Jindan, Liu Shen pill, etc. Because of the above Chinese medicines, they all contain more than one of Chinese herbal medicines that are harmful to pregnant women or fetuses. For pregnant womenThe Chinese medicines that are not used in the drug packaging box or instructions are not available in the Chinese medicines that are "prohibited by pregnant women" or "pregnant women with caution", and they should not be used. "

From this explanation, the medicine that pregnant women cannot use are nothing more than three categories: toxic, toxic, and abortion.The problem comes:

1. Pregnant women cannot use a certain medicine. What is the principle?A general "toxic", can it be clear?

2. What does it mean to promote blood circulation?If it is said that these medicines have abortion because of blood circulation, then coix seeds, grass, Pinellia, etc. have no effect of promoting blood circulation; if it means "promoting blood circulation and abortion", then why these medicines can be abandoned, and I didn’t say here.Essence

3. Can these three categories completely summarize these medicines above?Obviously it is impossible. For example, after the one, donkey meat, rabbit meat, non -toxic and no blood abortion, why can’t pregnant women eat it?

It can be seen that this explanation is hasty.A deep -moving Chinese medicine song was treated rudely.In order to cover up the emptiness of the explanation, a lot of Chinese medicines were listed in the back, pointing out that pregnant women should be used with caution.Why use it with caution and how to use it with caution, he didn’t say it.So far, many pregnant women simply dare not use any Chinese medicine.

Explanation of True Biography

So, how to explain it completely according to the orthodox Chinese medicine thinking?When I was starting to study at the teacher, Master explained to me like this:

When the woman is pregnant, her body changes violently. Many holes in their bodies are blocked, and many meridians are not smooth enough, so there will be various discomforts. This is actually normal.At this time, if a moderate qi stagnation and phlegm blockage and blood stasis are appeared, they are all appearances. It is impossible to ignore the qi and phlegm, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, otherwise you will destroy the normal state.Then, do not use the qi and phlegm, such as Pinellia, Nanxing, Gastrodia, Greenpigs, etc.;, Wulingzhi, Danpi, Mao Gen, Sanling, Curdia and the like.Danpi and Mao Gen, although the blood promotes blood circulation and stasis, is small, but it is also used for cooling blood.

Worms are always sewn. Worms can penetrate deep into the human body, such as the veins, bones and bones, and shaving, cleaning, and treating rheumatic evils, and various stubborn diseases.Even if pregnant women have such diseases, they should be slower during pregnancy to prevent the drug from deep into the cell palace and destroy the fetal element.This type of medicine is: green, spotted, crickets, ground tapeworms, scorpions, ants, etc.In addition, insect medicines also have the effect of walking, which can affect the meridians, drive away evil spirits, and do not have enough nourishment.

In the same way, other various medicines of walking are also used with caution.Such as viper, musk.Especially musk, it is an animal medicine, the flesh is affectionate, and it is the same as the human body, and it is fragrant. It can open a lot of holes in the human body.In this way, all the holes that should be closed in the pregnant woman’s body have been opened, and the most susceptible abortion.

The fetus is most afraid of falling down.For pregnant women, the total spleen and qi are not allowed to use some atractylodes and amomum.Therefore, don’t use the medicine to fall into the lower town.Goldstone medicines, weighing weight, do not use it, such as: gypsum, vermiculite, majestic yellow, female yellow, Yunmu, cinnabar, mercury, etc.Slowly speaking, majestic and poisonous, ordinary people have diseases and should not be taken more, they are non -toxic and cannot be used.There are also many downside medicines that are not suitable for use, such as: Pinellia, Achyranthes, Huaijiao, etc.In addition, all Tongli medicines can lead to downside, and fearing the fetus will not be used with the fantasies.This type of medicine is: Li Shui has Poria, Poria, barley, etc.; The water -raid water is the water, Gan Sui, cattle, quinoa, Shanglu, etc., and Tongli stools include rhubarb, Glauber, Pakotou, etc.

The twins are a bunch of harmony, first you can’t pierce it.Drugs that have strong penetration, dissipation or piercing effects are not suitable for use, such as hedgehog skin, pangolin armor, ravioli, crab claws, saponed thorns, etc.Dahan and hot medicines are injured and qi. Dahan medicines such as gypsum, cold water stones, beef yellow, etc., hot medicines such as aconite, Wu head, Tianxiong, cinnamon, cinnamon, dried ginger, etc.Pinghe medication is the pursuit of traditional Chinese medicine. Pregnant women should be used even more.

Of course, then again, if a pregnant woman is sick, she has to use a certain medicine, and it still needs to be used.For example, if you have a pregnancy resistance, vomiting is alive, what should I do?Fangzhong can often be used in half summer.This is "the disease is sick", "there is no reason, there is no reason", and it does not hurt the fetus.

Therefore, the drugs listed in this song are not absolute.It is not absolutely only so much, and there are no list.It is not available to use it.We must be flexibly grasped clinically.As for recitation, it is avoided, just understand the truth and medicine.

The ancients are there, and beginners may not be able to understand, so people need to explain that the inheritance of traditional Chinese medicine is in the process of interpretation.Behind the song tactics, there are so many things!Talking about the Chinese medicine songs, it is necessary to talk about this, talk about physiology, pathology, and medicine everywhere, talk about the Tao, and the clinic.There are not many teachers who can explain a song in this way.Maybe many people understand what it means, but orally "toxic" and the like to perfunctory responsibilities. Then, these words that were originally perfunctory became the golden family and jade law of the disciples and grandchildren, and the real things were obscure.

– The end-

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