What should I do if a woman wants to divorce during pregnancy?

Women’s pregnancy is for ten months, and it is hard to say.Women are very hard during pregnancy. In order to protect the interests of women, Chinese law clearly stipulates that men must not propose divorce during pregnancy.Therefore, many people think that during women’s pregnancy, men want to be divorced, and they will be limited by the woman during pregnancy?

What should I do if a woman wants to divorce during pregnancy?

First of all, the law clearly stipulates that the man shall not propose a divorce within one year or within 6 months after childbirth or within 6 months after childbirth.In other words, when the woman was pregnant, her husband could not mention divorce within six months of rest and six months after abortion after giving birth.

Secondly, it is not to say that as long as you want to divorce during the period of pregnancy, after childbirth, and termination of pregnancy, it must be impossible. The law stipulates that the man should express the request of divorce.If there is the following circumstances during pregnancy, you can make a request for divorce:

1. Both men and women negotiate and decide divorce;

2. In some cases, the court believes that it is necessary to accept the man’s divorce request:

(1) Women’s pregnancy is caused by adultery after marriage. Children are not men’s biological;

(2) The physical condition of women after delivery has been restored;

(3) The man was unbearable to abuse;

(4) One party has a dangerous situation of life and life.

Therefore, during a woman’s pregnancy, if the man advocates divorce, it is not necessarily impossible to divorce.If it is the above situation, divorce can still be proposed.

However, if there were no special circumstances, the woman did not agree to divorce.The man was not only banned from divorce during pregnancy, but he was still restricted to divorce within one year after his child was born, and he had to raise his child’s parents’ obligations. Otherwise, the woman could sue to the court to pay for the support.Finally, during the pregnancy, except for the two sides can reach a divorce agreement, due to other circumstances, divorce is required. It is necessary to provide evidence to prove that the relationship between the husband and wife is broken and the contradictions cannot work together, and the court will judge the divorce of both parties.If you have other opinions, you can comment and communicate below.But add me to learn more about life legal knowledge, remember to like it

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