What should I do if I am pregnant during the new crown virus?Can you do a checkup?The doctor said that these protection should be done well

This article was originally created by Qi Shuying, Chief Physician Qi Shuying, Shenzhen Longgang Central Hospital

When the Spring Festival hit a new coronary virus, in addition to special post staff, most people are living at home to contribute to the country.When I was at home, I finally had time to accompany my family.

After more than half a month, I couldn’t restrain the inner commotion, and longing for walking outside.(Of course, just talk about it. No matter how you ca n’t restrain your inner commotion, you must suppress it. It ’s allowed to extend your head out of the window to see the scenery.) At the end, the number of walking steps is less than 100 steps every day, and you can swipe your phone anxiously.Without saying, I feel that my spirit is almost collapsed.

It’s okay, what can I do?

It is said that some husbands and wives are bored because of their idleness."Applauding for love" 40 times a day, so some people are expected to usher in the wave of baby in November this year.Based on this rhythm, how many pairs of couples will welcome their love crystals this month.

At this time, some husbands and wives began to be tangled. What should I do during the new coronary virus during the new coronary virus? If there is this doubt about pregnant mothers, take a good look at the next content to help you solve doubts.

1. If the menstruation is normal, it is suddenly found that when the menstrual period is delayed for more than 7 days or the early pregnancy test strip is found to be a double red bar, it may be in the early pregnancy stage. At this time

2. If the pregnant mothers who have been pregnant in the palace have been determined, but due to insufficient hormones, women who need to accept artificial hormone supplements, luteal support or fetal treatment can be obeyed by the doctor’s arrangement, remotely contact the attending doctor, and reduce going out;

3. If there is a small amount of vaginal bleeding during the morning pregnancy, please do not panic, rest in bed first, and contact the doctor to listen to the doctor’s arrangement;

4. If you check the early pregnancy mothers with a low HCG value, if abdominal pain occurs, please go to a regular hospital in time to exclude the risk of ectopic pregnancy.

5. If the B -ultrasound is found to be "embryo", you need to go to the hospital for medical treatment in time when you do a good job of personal protection to avoid adverse consequences.

1. Under normal circumstances, check every 4 weeks before 28 weeks of pregnancy; 28-34 weeks, every 2 weeks, every 2 weeks; check once a week after 35 weeks.In special periods, the inspection can be determined according to the situation. There is no special circumstances that remote contact with the doctor’s consultation for consultation can be reduced or delayed.(However, except for NT and osmotic examinations, you need to consult the doctor of the property inspection.)

2. For inspections required by the pregnancy weeks, it is recommended to complete the inspection on time. What are the requirements of the gestational week?For example: NT ultrasound (11-13+6 weeks), early Tang’s screening (9-13+6 weeks),

The mid-term Donald screening (15-20+6 weeks), the mid-term three-level ospermia (recommended 20-24 weeks, generally no more than 26 weeks) and OGTT (gestational glycogen tolerance examination, 24-28 weeks) these inspection suggestionsCompleted within the pregnancy week.At other time, the check -ups can be obeyed by the doctor’s suggestion for the checkup.

1. Before going to the doctor, you need to prepare the inspection information and related issues; during the checkup, you need to wear a medical surgical mask at a medical level, leave as soon as possible to avoid staying in the hospital for a long time;

2. If you have to wait, it is recommended to go to the place where air circulation is circulated to reduce the time for staying indoors;

3. When going to the consultation, avoid contact with items as much as possible, keep it from other patients with a distance of more than 1 meter. After contacting the items, avoid touching the face with your hands before being washed and disinfected.Good personal hygiene.

Pregnant mothers do not have to worry too much. At home protection, our medical staff will escort you.Okay, our popular science is over here, and we will see you in the next issue.

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