What should I do if I am pregnant when I am pregnant?


What is a bow -shaped worm?

Toxoplasma Gondi is a single -cell parasite that can infect almost all constant temperature animals, including pet cats and dogs and humans.

Catal animals are the only end hosts of Toxoplasma worms, that is, toxoplasma can produce contagious worm eggs only in cat animals.Cats may be infected after eating the infected or raw meat infected by a bowworm.After 3 to 10 days infected by cats, the eggs began to discharge from feces for about 10 to 14 days.During this period, there may be countless worm eggs, and the vitality of the Toxoplasma ovation may be tenacious, and it may survive in the environment for more than a year.However, insect eggs need to "hatch" in the environment for 1 to 5 days before they become contagious.


How does a person infection of Toxoplasma?

Eat eggs: By exposed to contaminated raw meat, kitchenware, soil, drinking water, dairy products, food, cat dung, etc.

Maternal and baby spread: Gow -shaped worms may affect the fetus in the mother, leading to fetal malformations or abortion.

Organ transplantation or blood transfusion (rare): Most adults infection of Toxoplasma insects do not show symptoms, and sometimes only influenza -like hair burns and runny nose.However, Toxoplasma can seriously damage the unborn fetus.


Gow -shaped insects are easy to detect

Pet detection: You can take a cat to a pet hospital for a bow -shaped worm antibody test (need to test IgG and IGM) to know whether the cat is infected with Toxoplasma.

Pre -pregnancy test: One in the pre -pregnancy test of expectant mothers is TORCH test, and T refers to the bowworm.

● If the TORCH test shows that it has been infected with a bow -shaped worm, you don’t need to worry, because antibodies have produced in the hostess body.

● If you have never been infected, it means that there is no immunity, then pay attention to the method of feeding pets and your own dietary hygiene during pregnancy.

● If the test results show that the infection is being infected, you cannot get pregnant for the time being.


What should pregnant women pay attention to dogs?

● Don’t let the dog jump on your belly.

● If your dog has bad habits, such as biting or random, then you have to train it before you have your baby.

● Make sure your dog is vaccinated.

● If you are very close to your dog, please allow your family to spend more time with it after pregnancy, because you have to start spending a lot of time and energy for your baby to make your dog develop a good relationship with others, which can help it help it.Prepare to welcome your baby to be born.


What should pregnant women pay attention to cats?

When breeding cats, pregnant women need to prevent infection of toxoplasma.Pregnant women may be infected with bowworms when cleaning the garbage produced by cats or contacting their feces, and eating unscaptive meat may also be infected with toxoplasma.

● Let your family clean up the garbage bin every day

● Don’t let cats go out

● Far away from wild cats

● In the event of a cat’s feces, be sure to wash it with soap

● Do not let cats use cat sand plates for the time being

● Don’t feed the cats for cats


Can I raise hamster guinea pigs during pregnancy?

If you are already pregnant or planned to get pregnant, be very careful about rodent animals such as hamsters, guinea pigs.They may carry a virus called lymphocytic vein causal meningitis (LCMV), which may cause abortion or deformity in infant.

● Place rodent pets in an independent space.

● Wash your hands with soap after contacting rodents.

● Please clean the cage in time in time, and clean it out of the ventilation or get outdoors.

● Keep your rodent pet away from your face.

● Avoid contact with wild roden animals.


Is the climbing animal at home safe?

Crane animals, such as lizards, snakes and turtles, may be infected with Salmonella.Pregnant women and children under 5 years of age infection with Sandimer bacteria are higher.It is recommended not to raise these pets before pregnancy.


Precautions for pregnant women’s pets

● Regular insects for pets for pets.

● Regularly do dung examination for pets.

● Pet vaccination regularly.

● Do a good job of pets in advance to help them better adapt to the upcoming newborn.

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