What should I do if I break up and find out what to do?She quit her smoke addiction and raised her daughter alone, becoming a trump broker

Huo Wenxi is a woman who is known as the "gold medal economy". It is well known for her economic strength and the influence of the entertainment industry.Her life experience expressed her free and easy to love, but in real life, she faced life with a very strong attitude. Regardless of her ups and downs of life, she did not affect her wonderfulness at all.

Huo Wenxi was born in Hong Kong. When she was a child, she worked very hard and entered the Emperor Entertainment Company with excellent results.After graduating, Huo Wenxi began to serve as a broker, and with the help of the company’s senior management, she successfully cooperated with artists such as Rong Zuer, Zhang Jiahui, Nicholas Tse, and all achieved good results and was well known.

Later, she and the brokerage company even attacked together to cultivate more entertainment newcomers. It can be said that in the entertainment industry in Hong Kong, Huo Wenxi’s name was very loud.Because the ex -boyfriend’s meticulous care and care for her, the two began to fall in love and live together.At that time, Huo Wenxi’s work and life were united all the time, and the pace of life was particularly fast. After breaking up with her boyfriend, Huo Wenxi suddenly found that he was pregnant.

It is said that love needs to be operated to keep fresh and lasting.Although she has broken up with her boyfriend, Huo Wenxi still hopes to be born and give the child a happy home.

She felt that she was very brave at that time, and having a child was the mission of a girl, and the child could improve her life.In order to make the child healthy, Hohwen even quit her smoke addiction, and her smoke was 20 years old, and the greatness of a mother was admirable.

After experiencing the ups and downs of life, Huo Wenxi chose to put his energy on his work.At that time, she slowly learned to take good care of herself and children, and chose to live a better life with her friends and comfort.After that, the artists she had cooperated with quickly developed rapidly. In the entertainment industry, at least half of the artists had business cooperation with Huo Wenxi.

In other words, she raised half of the entertainment industry alone.Especially in the era of increasingly standardized commercialization, artists’ activities need to follow the arrangement of brokerage companies. This is the current position of superbligor Huo Wenxi.

Once Nicholas Tse said that when they ate together, they would call Huo Wenxi. She often came to Joey’s house as a friend. It can be said that they have surpassed their cooperative relationship and become like friends.

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