What should I do if I can’t sleep insomnia during pregnancy?3 moves

After pregnancy, do you always feel that you do n’t feel enough to sleep?Or can’t I sleep every night over and over?What to do ~

01 Insomnia during pregnancy, pay attention to, otherwise the consequences are serious!

You should know that if pregnant women are too tight due to insomnia, they may also break the balance between the cerebral cortex and internal organs, resulting in disorders, causing disorders of the circulatory system function. Finally, they can cause early divestiture of the placenta and even cause the fetus to die.Therefore, if pregnant women have insomnia, they should quickly solve it, maintain a happy mood at any time, understand how to regulate their emotions, and understand each other in their families.

Why is it difficult to fall asleep during pregnancy?

The reason why mothers have insomnia during pregnancy are mostly related to the growth of progesterone in the body after pregnancy.The influence of progesterone will have a lot of emotional fluctuations, making you feel crazy, sad, happy, and irritable. Sometimes these changes are concentrated in 10 seconds.Coupled with the worries of the fetus in the abdomen, it is easy to cause emotional instability, so there are often depression and insomnia.By the third trimester, the inconvenience of physical activity and frequent urination have also seriously affected the sleep quality of pregnant women to a certain extent, resulting in insufficient sleep in pregnant women.Because pregnant women are prone to calcium deficiency, cramps are also prone to cramps. The cramps are very painful. Sometimes they fall asleep when they fall asleep, which seriously affects subsequent sleep.

03 What to do during insomnia during pregnancy?

First, learn to relax:

Slowly learn self -adjustment, transfer attention, communicate with husband more, talk about the heart, and can enhance the feelings between husband and wife. Second, you can relax. In a pleasant environment, the quality of sleep is naturally increasing.The better.

Second, adjust the sleeping position:

Especially in the middle and late stages, the pig mothers with inaccurate sleeping positions must train yourself to sleep on the left side in the early stage, otherwise you are not used to it in the later stage, it is more troublesome.At the same time, due to incorrect sleeping positions, it is easy to cause cramps at night.

Finally, the adjustment of diet:

By the end of pregnancy, pregnant mothers are easy to deficiency in calcium, which causes leg cramps often, which greatly affects the quality of sleep. In order to sleep well, calcium should be supplemented in time.You can drink less water before going to bed, but do not have too much, reduce the frequency of going to the toilet at night, but remember that you must not urinate.

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