What should I do if I find hypertension after pregnancy?Do these 5 points in your diet to avoid surge in blood pressure

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Pregnancy hypertension is that women exceed the normal value during pregnancy, and clinically, its full name is hypertension during pregnancy.

Some women suffer from hypertension before pregnancy, and have not controlled blood pressure after pregnancy, causing them to rise.

Some women do not have hypertension before pregnancy, and due to many influences after pregnancy, blood pressure has increased.

After suffering from hypertension, how can I do it?

1. Control the amount of fat

If a woman eats fat and soup during pregnancy, it may cause the body’s fat content to increase, which will cause blood lipids and affect the flow of blood.

Over a long time, it is easy to cause blood pressure to rise.

In order to prevent pregnancy hypertension, women should pay attention to the light diet during pregnancy, eat more vegetables and fruits, and eat less high -fat foods, which can let cholesterol discharge normally and keep blood and blood pressure normal.

2. Affordable amount of protein

Women should keep their body’s protein nutrients sufficient during pregnancy. Because protein is one of the essential nutrients in the human body, and it is also a necessary nutrition for fetal development.

It is recommended that pregnant women eat eggs and milk every day, and can eat fish and shrimp 2 or 3 times a week to provide sufficient protein nutrition for the body.

In addition, the protein remains sufficient, and it can also strengthen the body’s excretion of urine, the elasticity and permeability of the blood vessels can effectively help the body reduce blood pressure.

3. Control the intake of salt

Any high blood pressure patients must control the intake of salt in normal times. Salt enters the human body to lead to the increase in blood sodium levels, which will cause blood pressure to fluctuate.

After suffering from hypertension for pregnancy, the sodium salt intake per day should not be higher than 6 grams. It is best to control below 4 grams.

In particular, we must avoid eating a lot of pickled foods such as bacon, salted fish, and kimchi, so as not to cause blood pressure to rise and affect the development of the fetus.

4. Control the intake of sugar

Many women like to eat sweets during pregnancy. Eating a lot of sweets can easily cause weight gain, make blood lipids sticky, and cause hypertension.

Pregnant women should try to eat less cakes, cream, chocolate and other sweets as possible. If you want to eat sweets, you can consider the food of monosaccharides so that blood lipids and blood pressure can be regulated.

5. Do not overeating

Women who are pregnant can easily become appetizing. In order to make the fetus in the abdomen better, some pregnant women will eat a lot, which will cause the body to become obese, but it will easily cause pregnancy hypertension.

In order to reduce blood pressure, it is recommended that pregnant women avoid overeating. Eat seven or eight minutes for each meal. You can eat less meals, so as not to cause excessive fluctuations in blood pressure, which is not conducive to blood pressure control.

Pregnancy hypertension may affect the development of the fetus, and any pregnant woman should actively prevent it.

Even if you have the disease, pregnant women should maintain stable emotions and actively cooperate with doctors for treatment. In terms of diet, pay attention to the above 5 aspects to reduce blood pressure.

In normal times, pregnant women also need to perform appropriate activities, such as proper walks, gymnastics, and yoga during pregnancy.

Through activity, blood circulation can be promoted, metabolism is enhanced, and the level of blood pressure can be adjusted. It also has certain benefits to the development of the fetus.

“What should I eat after suffering from pregnancy hypertension?” “

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