What should I do if I find the "Natsung"?What should I do if I affect pregnancy?

At the end of last month, Sister TT’s unit conducted an annual employee medical examination. After the report came out, she found that there was a Naiti cyst on the cervix. I immediately called to make an appointment for registration.This disease.Most of them were the unit’s physical examination or inadvertently found the cervical Na’s sac due to other diseases, B -ultrasound or CT, and nuclear magnetic resonance, and was worried about it, fearing that they would affect their normal work and life.

Today, let’s talk about what is cervical Na’s cyst?

First of all, it is completely different from cervical epithelial tumors and cervical cancer. Many patients do not know that they will mistakenly think that they are "growing things."Patients who found that the sacs do not need to be nervous, because some capsules will rupture by themselves, release the sac fluid, and no treatment is required.Cervical pockets are a manifestation of chronic cervicitis, and most women have cervical Naquan cysts.But if there is a corresponding clinical symptoms, treatment is needed at this time.

When do you need treatment?What kind of clinical symptoms must be treated?

1. There is sex pain or abnormal bleeding and drainage after the same room, affecting the life of husband and wife

Because the pain on the surface of the cervix is not sensitive, the cervix has a rich blood supply system and a special physiological location.It is easy to collide and touch the cervix when the same room, and some patients’ capsule positions are special, which will bring sexual intercourse pain or discomfort. Some capsules are wrapped in the capillaries during the formation process.When this happens, you must go to the hospital for a doctor to clear the diagnosis and eliminate other cervical diseases; or sudden mucus -like vaginal discharge, sometimes accompanied by vaginal or vulvaWomen are conflicting with the same room, and have long affected the relationship between husband and wife and family harmony for a long time.

2. Patients with pregnancy requirements should actively treat the sac

The cervical sac can lead to an increase in leucorrhea, and the inflammatory cells in the secretions will devour and kill sperm, damage the number of sperm, reduce the probability of conception, which will lead to infertility;The cavity and fallopian tubes and ovaries cause pelvic inflammatory disease, attachment inflammation, and even secondary uterine cavity adhesion and fallopian tube blockage, which causes serious harm to women’s reproductive health.After pregnancy, pathogenic bacteria may also be infected, increasing the risk of abortion and premature birth.

Shaanxi Central University Reminder reminds female patients that when discovering cervical Na’s cysts, they do not need to be frightened, and they cannot fully listen to it. Regular physical examinations in daily life, cervical screening, pay attention to personal hygiene (it is the same room and menstrual hygiene)Just accept it.If you need treatment, you must choose a regular hospital and a professional doctor.

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