What should I do if I have abdominal pain in early pregnancy?Come and learn

Not all pregnant mothers are smooth sailing in the early stages of pregnancy. Many first -child pregnant mothers have these conditions in the early stages of pregnancy. Because they have no experience, they are often panicked, especially in the early pregnancy, the abdominal pain often appears by pregnant mothers.

In the early pregnancy, the gastric acid secretion of pregnant mothers will increase, so many pregnant mothers with a history of gastritis will have upper abdomen pain and discomfort in the early stages of pregnancy. At the same time, early pregnancy reactions such as vomiting will also increase abdominal pain.Intrimize foods that are easy to digest and light. In the morning, you can eat soda biscuits properly and gastric acid. As the early pregnancy reaction gradually disappears, the upper abdomen discomfort will naturally disappear.

If in the early stages of pregnancy, the pain in the lower abdomen appears. First of all, what we should be most alert is that there are some complications of pregnancy, such as signs of abortion, ectopic pregnancy, etc. On the other hand, the uterus may gradually increase and pull to the uterine circle.The ligament, generally this pain is obvious when walking or changing the position for a long time. Most of them are hidden pain and dull pain. The pain is not sharp.It may also be some common acute abdomen, such as appendicitis and ovarian cysts.

If the abdominal pain is caused by some of the above -mentioned physiological factors and changes in the early pregnancy, the body will generally gradually adapt and slowly relieve it.Disposal:


In the early pregnancy, abdominal pain and accompanied by vaginal bleeding. Generally, obstetrics and gynecologists will recommend ultrasound examination first. In the 6th weeks of the last menstrual period, it can be determined whether the embryo sac is in the normal position of the uterus.After 7 weeks, the ultrasonic examination still did not see the embryo sac, and accompanied by abnormal vaginal bleeding. We must be alert to abnormal pregnancy and need further examination to avoid major bleeding due to the rupture of the ectopic pregnancy block.

Be wary of abortion:

In the early stages of pregnancy, if lower abdominal pain occurs, accompanied by abnormal vaginal bleeding, it is likely to be the symptoms of threatened abortion. There are two main reasons for abortion during this period. One is the problem of embryo itself.It is the problem of pregnant mothers, such as thyroid disease, hypertension, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, etc., or there are bad living habits, such as smoking, drinking, drug use, and so on.

1. Try to rest in a quiet environment as possible;

2. Maintain a good mental state. When the symptoms of signs of abortion occur, most pregnant women will be nervous, anxious, and anxious. These bad emotions will increase the risk of miscarriage. Therefore, at this timeKeep your mood comfortable, which is a favorable approach;

3. Drink more water and eat more food -rich foods to ensure that the stool is smooth, because constipation will increase abdominal pressure;

4. Reasonable diet, light diet, while ensuring nutritional supply, but also to ensure the hygiene of food, avoid severe diarrhea induced abortion;

5. Strengthen immunity, keep warm, and prevent colds;

6. Avoid abuse of drugs, avoid severe physical labor, and avoid sexual life in early pregnancy.

7. If necessary, under the guidance of a professional doctor, hospitalization or drug treatment.

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