What should I do if I suddenly want to have a child after ligation?After the ligation, there is a way to want a baby

As the national policy adjustment allows two or three babies, many families consider trying to add another cute baby, but after giving birth to one child, some couples have a ligation surgery.sperm.

So, what should I do if I want to have children after ligation?

We know that normal pregnancy cannot be separated from sperm and eggs in the fallopian tube. When the two are combined, the fertilized eggs are formed, and then the fertilized eggs return to the uterine cavity and continue pregnancy.

Ligation, also known as sterilization surgery, is a reliable contraceptive method. It usually refers to the choice of a certain method to ligate certain pipes (fallopian tubes, vasters, etc.) of the human body or organism to achieve the contraceptive effect.

After a ligation surgery, it is basically impossible to recover naturally. If you want to restore fertility, you can reverse through surgery and perform corresponding intercourse surgery.

In order to contraception, men need to ligates the vollarization tubes. In surgery, doctors will cut off or block the vasal tubes.

If a ligation surgery has been performed and a child wants to have children, men can adopt the vasters of the vasters after inspection to achieve the purpose of smoothing the sperm channel and discharge sperm.

However, this surgery is usually affected by many factors, and the success rate is not very high, especially the ligation time is long, which will also affect the success rate of rehabilitation.

Generally speaking, the effect of anastomosis within 10 years after ligation is better. The longer the time, the worse the anastomosis effect.

In addition, if the patient detects the inferior tubular conformity, the doctor believes that when the infusion tube is incompatible, he will choose the vascular epididymisytoscope surgery.

The ligation can be reversed multiple times, but the success rate may decrease each time the reversal.

Voltic ligation reversal needs to be performed under anesthesia.The operation usually takes 2-4 hours. After the operation, you can go home that day, and it takes about 2 weeks after the operation.

How do men know that the resuration is successful?

After surgery, the doctor will collect samples and check for 4-6 months to understand the resumption. If sperm appears in the semen in a few months, it indicates that the recovery is successful.

If the vascustment is performed, the sperm may be required for 6-12 months to recover; if the vascus adapter is performed, it may take more than 1 year to occur in the semen to appear sperm.Once the reunion is successful, the partner’s chance of conception will increase.

If it is a failure of resuration, consider testicular puncture to obtain sperm, and choose to use test tube babies to bred a baby.

After the ligation of women, the fertility is resumed, and the fallopian tubes can be connected to a regular professional hospital.

Lice does not affect women’s ovarian function. Female hormones can still be secreted normally. As long as they have the ability to feed after the recovery of the surgery, this is usually the ideal situation.

Before reinstatement, you need to do a relevant inspection, check the specific situation before deciding.

For example, you need to understand the age, physical health status, the method of ligation of the fallopian tube, the health status of reproductive organs, and the length of the fallopian tube.It is not suitable for surgical recovery if it is found that there is a fallopian tube inflammation.

Generally speaking, the success rate of women’s ligation and resume surgery is higher than that of male fallopian tube ligation surgery. Only a small part of the fallopian tube is removed, or the fallopian tube is closed with a ring or clip.Receive the tubal reversal surgery.

Doctors believe that what is most suitable for receiving tubal reversal is: women under 40 years of age of fallopian tube ligation immediately after childbirth.The operation is called postpartum tubal ligation.

If the dredging surgery is successful, you can adopt a natural conception method. If the surgery fails, you can also consider taking a test tube baby to give birth to the fetus.

What should I pay attention to when the fallopian tubes are re -through?

(1) Before re -traffic, you must do a gynecological examination to exclude acute or subacute inflammation.

(2) Routine leucorrhea inspections to eliminate mold, trichomonas, chlamydia and chlamydia infection.

(3) Before the blood routine intervention, the four inspections of the blood and the coagulation were checked. The purpose of the inspection was mainly prepared for surgery to understand whether there was any obstacle to the coagulation mechanism.

(4) Do a good job of sanitary disinfection to prevent infection.

Whether it is a male ligation or a female ligation, if you want to give birth again, you must improve the relevant examination, and use a suitable surgical method under the guidance of a doctor to ensure that healthy will be born.There is risks to liges. Although there is a possibility of resumed surgery, the re -traffic rate can be greater than 80%, but there is also the possibility of irreversible recovery.


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