What should I do if I was pregnant after taking the medicine?

Many friends usually do n’t pay much attention to taking medicine. As soon as they have a headache and brain heat, they can grab some medicine and eat it by themselves. This is also understandable.It’s right.This time it is sad. Will all kinds of tangled drugs affect the baby? Today we will talk about this topic.Friends who do not want to look at the principle are just looking at the thick red word.

There are two important variables to explore this issue, when did one eat, and the other is what they eat.Some friends don’t even remember any medicine, which is more difficult to do.

We divide the process of pregnancy into three stages: 1. Before the fertilized eggs, 2. After the bed until 12 weeks, after 3 or 12 weeks, the baby is born.

The front bed refers to within 2 weeks after fertilization.Fertilization usually occurs 12 hours after ovulation. We can treat the ovulation day as the fertilization day, and the ovulation day is generally 2 weeks before menstruation.It sounds a bit around. Simply put, the early stages of bed are before your normal menstruation comes.In other words, your menstruation should have come today, but the result did not come, and then I was pregnant.

What are the characteristics of the impact of taking medicine in the early stage of bed?At this time, fertilized eggs did not contact the mother’s tissue directly, so the general drugs during this period have little effect on fertilized eggs.However, there are individual drugs that are extremely toxic and can cause damage to embryonic cells, because at this time, the number of embryo cells is very small, and each cell is very important. Once individual cells are damaged, the entire embryo will be affected, which will cause extremely early abortion.EssenceThis is what we often say "all or nothing", either without impact, or directly cause abortion.

So conclusion 1: In the early stage of bed (that is, the day before the normal menstruation should come), the medicine was taken. If the B -ultrasound embryo developed normally later, it means that the drug has little effect on the embryo. If the embryo is stopped, it means that it means that it meansDrugs have an impact on embryos.In particular, this conclusion does not guarantee that there must be no problems after the baby is born, because even if there is no medicine during pregnancy, there will be certain opportunities. If you are specially entangled in friends who have taken medicine during this period, you can consider giving up.

Let’s take a look at the next period, that is, the pregnancy of the gestational sac to 12 weeks.This period is the process of various organs of the embryo from scratch. During this period, if the medication is interfered with the key cells of the tissue differentiation, it will cause the tissue or organs in a certain part of the tissue or organs.The earlier the medication, the earlier the interference differentiation, the more severe the malformations may be.So this period is also called the teratogenic period.

The FDA in the United States has divided the drugs into A, B, C, D, and X5 levels according to the teratogenic situation of drugs to the fetus. It is not advisable to use C, D and X -level drugs in the tends period.If you don’t know the classification of the drug, you can also read the column [pregnant women and breastfeeding women] in the drug manual directly. If you are still unclear, you must go to a regular hospital for a doctor.

Conclusion II: If the C, D, and X -grade drugs are used in the teratogenic period (after bed to 12 weeks), the fetal malformations may be caused.It is recommended to terminate pregnancy.

The third period is that after 12 weeks of pregnancy until childbirth, this is relatively simple. We directly say that the various organs of the fetus have been formed. Even if the drug has an impact on individual cells, it is generally difficult to affect the overall situation.It is obviously weakened, but it is possible to have an impact on organic systems that have not yet differentiated organs such as reproductive systems and the nervous system that continues to differentiate during pregnancy.

So friends, think about whether you are pregnant before taking medicine. If you are pregnant, you should pay attention to the medication.If you accidentally take the medicine, I hope the above content can help you correctly understand the impact of drugs on your baby and avoid some unnecessary anxiety.Finally, if you are not sure, you must go to a regular hospital for a doctor.

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