What should I do if my baby does not like to eat in summer?Try these little tricks!

In summer, it is definitely a season when parents have a headache. If you don’t pay attention to the baby, you will be argued or heat stroke and sunburn by mosquitoes. Various problems will emerge.As the temperature rises, many babies will have loss of appetite.This is because the temperature in summer is high, the baby’s metabolism is accelerated, and the body needs more energy, but the amount of meals may not keep up.In addition, summer humidity is high, it is easy to make the baby feel dry and dry, and eating will also be affected.

So, what should parents do when the baby does not like to eat in summer?These little tricks are shared with parents who are troubled!

Provide refreshing, digestible food

In summer, the baby’s appetite may become more picky.In order to make it easier for babies to accept food, parents can provide some refreshing and digestible foods, such as watermelon, papaya, cucumber, strawberry, grapes and other fruits, as well as light soup and porridge foods.EssenceHowever, in order to ensure the protein required by the baby’s growth, when eating less meat, foods, milk and other foods can help the baby supplement the protein.

Use less fried, barbecue and other cooking methods. The food made in this way is more greasy and difficult to digest. It is necessary to give the baby less. It is recommended to prepare some refreshing cold dishes or soup, which helps your baby to open your appetite, and it is easier to digest.EssenceParents who are not good at cooking can ask a professional infant teacher to go home to take care of the baby’s daily life and let the baby enjoy the summer healthy and happy!

Drink more water

In summer, the temperature is high, and the baby is prone to sweating, resulting in a body dehydration. Therefore, parents should drink plenty of water for their babies and keep their body water balance.It is recommended that parents can cut fruits into small pieces and soak them in water for a while to make the water more flavorful and attract their babies to drink water. Daily ensure that the intake of a certain amount of fruits and vegetables can also replenish water well.Parents can guide and educate targetedly to help babies develop good habits of drinking water!

Don’t force your baby to eat

In addition to working on food, for the baby’s appetite and not to eat, parents also need to pay attention to the way and attitude of their own guidance: Do not force your baby to eat, so as not to produce rebellion, or cause your baby’s anxiety, but increase the rejection of eating for meals.Essence

If the baby really does not want to eat, parents can appropriately extend the feeding time interval to allow the baby to adjust their appetite themselves.If the baby does not want to eat for a few days in a row, or other abnormalities, such as vomiting, diarrhea, etc., you should go to the hospital for treatment in time.

Reasonably supplement trace elements

Babies’ own trace element deficiency is often manifested as anorexia: iron deficiency anemia caused by iron lack of iron can lead to loss of appetite; zinc element participates in the formation of flavors, which will affect appetite when deficiency, so it is necessary to properly supplement the rich trace element that is rich in trace elements.Foods, such as seafood, pork liver, nuts and other foods, are rich in zinc, which can help babies supplement zinc.

Diet feeding, as an important part of the breeding process, is an indispensable content in the growth and development process of the baby. As the main participant in this process, parents cannot simply regard feeding as a process of giving food. More importantly, it is more important.It is the skills that allow your baby to learn to eat and cultivate good habits.In this process, parents must also maintain sufficient patience and carefulness. Do not see the baby’s temper and anxiety as soon as you see the baby eat less. Only by letting me eat into a pleasant thing, the baby naturally eats everything!

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